Aaron Donald Daughter: Jaeda Donald Age, Skin Disease

The popular American football defensive player, Aaron Donald daughter is Jaeda Donald. Jaeda is the eldest daughter in Donald’s family.

jaeda donald age
Jaeda Donald is 10 years old
Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, it has been known that Jaeda is suffering from a chronic disease, Vitiligo. Still, her father, Aaron hasn’t disclosed the actual reason behind her skin.

In like manner, Aaron has been named the Defensive Player of the Year thrice times. He has received numerous accolades and awards throughout his career.

Some of them are the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Deacon Jones Award, 9x Pro Bowl, and many more. In this post, we will be closely taking a deep dive into Aaron Donald daughter bio briefly.

Aaron Donald Daughter Jaeda Donald

The NFL player, Aaron Donald has an adorable, cute, and beautiful daughter. The defensive tackle footballer, Aaron shares a lovely child with his ex-wife, Jaelynn Blakey. 

Both of them were proud to be the parents of a daughter. Their daughter’s name is Jaeda Donald. Jaeda was born in the year 2013. However, the couple hasn’t shared the exact birth date of her daughter.

aaron donald with his family
Aaron Donald with Erica Donald along with their two children Jaeda and Aaron Donald Jr.
Image Source: Instagram

At present, Jaeda Donald’s age is 10 years old. She was born to her parents in the United States. Thus, Jaeda is a citizenship holder of American nationality.

She might be attending her schooling in the United States. The gorgeous diva, Jaeda might be residing with her mother, Jaelynn in her own home.

Who Are Jaeda Donald Parents?

Aaron Donald and Jaelynn Blakey are the parents of Jaeda Donald. Aaron and Jaelynn are known to be the High School sweetheart couple.

Aaron Donald has played college football at Pittsburgh. He was selected by the Los Angeles Rams in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. On 23rd May 1991, Aaron was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

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Additionally, the player is regarded as one of the greatest defensive players of all time. The American personality, Aaron made a promise to her daughter, Jaeda when she was five years old. He said, “Play in the confetti with his daughter”.

Moreover, Jaelynn Blakey is a well–known American personality who is popularly known as the first wife of Aaron Donald.

There is no more information available regarding her personal life as well as professional life. She is known as the momma of Jaeda Donald.

What happened to Aaron Donald Daughter Skin?

One of the news which is spreading like fire on the Internet is What happened to Aaron Donald daughter, Jaeda Skin? There are many rumors found in the media attention regarding his daughter’s skin.

The player, Aaron burst out in tears saying that he won the match for his daughter, Jaeda. Aaron won the Super Bowl LVI game. Some of his fans have noticed the 99 membership video.

aaron donald with his children
Aaron Donald with his children Jaeda Donald and Aaron Donald Jr. together in a picture
Image Source: Instagram

They noticed that Jaeda has some uncommon patches on her skin. Aaron hasn’t clearly mentioned the exact issue yet to the media. But, it has been disclosed that Jaeda is suffering from a rare skin disease disorder. Vitiligo.

It is a chronic type of autoimmune disorder that causes patches of skin to lose pigment or color.

Aaron Donald Daughter Relationship With Her Parents

Aaron Donald daughter, Jaeda Donald has a very close relationship with her father. In addition, she has a great bond with her mother, father, siblings, and as well as with her stepmother.

Most often the footballer’s daughter, Jaeda is seen with her father. For American NFL players, his kids mean the whole world to him. Aaron is more happy to see their children coming into the stadium to watch their father’s match and cheer for him.

The bonding between the father, Aaron, and his daughter, Jaeda is very strong. He always loved, cared for, and supported her in every stage of life.

It has been revealed that Jaeda is living with her father after her parents divorced in the year 2019. Being a stepmother, Erica Donald has always equally loved Aaron’s children from the past relationship.

FAQ About Aaron Donald Daughter

Does Aaron Donald have a kid?

Yes, Aaron Donald has three children.

How old is Aaron Donald’s daughter?

Aaron Donald daughter, Jaeda was born in the year 2013. As of now, Jaeda Donald age is 10 years old.

What did Aaron Donald promise his daughter?

When Jaeda was five years old, Aaron Donald promised his daughter that he will play in Cincinnati.

Who are the parents of Jaeda Donald?

Aaron Donald and Jaelynn Blakey are the parents of Jaeda Donald.

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