Adam Wainwright Kids: Baylie, Morgan, Macy, Sadee, and Caleb

The MBL player, Adam Wainwright has five kids. The five kids include Baylie, Morgan, Macy, Sadee, and Caleb.

adam wainwright and jenny curry along with their children baylie, morgan, macy, sadee, and caleb cosplaying
The Wainwright family is cosplaying Toy Story movie characters
Image Source: Twitter

The couple is very much happy with the ongoing life they hold with their children. Most of the time on special occasions, the family cosplay of different characters and post on social media.

This article is all about Adam Wainwright kids. Readers will find detail on all the kids of Wainwright. So let’s go through the article.

Adam Wainwright Kids

The couple Adam Wainwright and Jenny Curry have five kids. Out of them, four are girls and were born biologically and one of them is the son and is adopted.

The first child born in the Wainwright family is Baylie Grace Wainwright and thereafter Morgan Addison, Macy Wainwright, Sadee Wainwright, and Caleb Wainwright (adopted).

Baylie Grace Wainwright

The oldest daughter of the Wainwright family, Bailey Grace Wainwright was born on 10 September 2006. She is 17 years old and was born under the sun sign Virgo.

Bailye was born after two years of her parent’s marriage. Currently, she is completing high school and soon will kick off her bachelor’s degree.

Morgan Addison Wainwright

Adam Wainwright’s second kid, Morgan Addison Wainwright was born in 2008. She is currently 15 years old. She was born in America.

adam wainwright adopted child caleb adam wainwright
The baseball player, Adam Wainwright adopted Caleb Adam Wainwright on 16th April 2019
Image Source: Twitter

Morgan is on the verge of entering high school. The Wainright kids are really growing fast. From cosplaying different characters to accomplishing their dream slowly and steadily.

Macy Wainwright

The cutest child of the Wainwright family, Macy Wainwright was born in 2011. Being the third child of the Wainwright family, she surely is getting a lot of love from her parents and siblings as well.

Macy is currently 12 years old and next year, she is entering teenage. Going into the teenage will be a great experience for her as she will slowly be maturing.

Sadee Faith Wainwright

Sadee Faith Wainwright was born on 30th December 2015. She is the last biological child of Adam Wainwright. After getting Sadee, the Wainwright family thoughts of adopting a child.

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Sadee is currently 7 years old. Adam and Jenny surely took their time to get Sadee as she was born 5 years apart from Macy. Likewise, Faith is in her childhood phase and getting lots of love from all of her siblings.

Caleb Adam Wainwright

The adopted child of the Wainwright family, Caleb Adam Wainwright is the only baby boy in the family. The MBL player, Adam, and Jenny adopted Caleb on 16th April 2019.

Caleb is 4 years old and is mostly being carried. Everyone in the family loves him. Since Wainwright family is known for their cosplay, they have some suits for Caleb as well.


Father Adam Wainwright

The MBL player, Adam Wainwright was born on 30th August 1981 in Brunswick, GA. He is currently 42 years old.

The father of five children, Adam Wainwright is a hero for his kids. After playing his matches, he likes to spend most of his time with his family.

adam wainwright and jenny curry marriage time
Adam and Jenny are together for more than 19 years now
Image Source: Twitter

Adam is deeply rooted in Christianity. He has made another social media account for spreading bible verses. Wainwright can be seen posting at least a verse every day.

Mother Jenny Curry

The MBl player, Adam Wainwright is married to Jenny Curry. Jenny was born in 1983 and is 40 years old and holds the nationality of America.

Jenny is the highschool sweetheart of Adam. The couple dated each other since high school days and has come very far holding each other hand.


How many children does Wainwright have?

Adam has five children named Baylie Grace, Morgan Addison, Macy, Sadee Faith, and Caleb Adam Wainwright. Caleb is the adopted son of Wainwright.

Are Adam Wainwright kids adopted?

Out of five kids of Wainwright, one kid is adopted named Caleb Adam Wainwright. He is the only son in the Wainwright family.

How old are Wainwright’s children?

Wainwright’s children ages are Bailey, 16; Morgan, 14; Macy, 12; Sadee, 7, and Caleb, 4.

How old is Adam Wainwright?

Adam Wainwright was born on 30th August 1981 and is 42 years old.

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