All About Jimmy Uso Brothers: Jey, Thamiko, and Solo Sikoa

Jimmy Uso brothers, Jey, Solo, and Thamiko, and including him, are known for their wrestling background. They come from the Anoa’i family, from where many professional wrestlers were created.

They are the sons of Solofa aka Rikishi, a former wrestler, and Talisua Fatu. Being the sons of former wrestlers gave them the advantage to enter the WWE world and flourish themselves.

jimmy uso and his brother jey uso are posing
Jimmy and Jey Uso are the number one WWE Tag Team
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Continuing their legacy, all four brothers got into wrestling over the past years. Among the four brothers, Thamiko is the only one who does business and acting besides wrestling.

Likewise, Jimmy and Jey are twins and they perform under the tag team name The Usos. Currently, they got the tag of number one tag team champion. They are the most famous among all four brothers.

In this article, the readers will know about Jimmy, Jey, Thamiko, and Solo. And also their relationship status at the moment. So let’s go through the article.

Jimmy Uso Brothers: Jonathan, Jeremiah, and Joseph Fatu

Solofa F. Fatu Jr. and Talisua Fuavai-Fatu have been blessed with five children, four sons, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Thamiko T. Fatu, Solo Sikoa, and a daughter Thavana Monalisa Fatu.

Thus, all three Jimmy Uso brothers, including himself are in the WWE. But before they made an entry into the WWE world, their father Rikishi aka Solofa was already a popular wrestler.

Jimmy Twin Brother Jey Uso (Jonathan Solofa Fatu)

Jey Uso also known as Jonathan Solofa Fatu is the twin brother of Jimmy. They both were born nine minutes apart and Jimmy is the eldest one.

Jimmy Uso brother, Jey Uso was born in San Francisco, California, on August 22, 1985. He is currently 38 years old at the moment and was born under the sun sign, Leo.

The career of the twin brother, Jimmy and Jey began in WWE on June 8, 2009. They entered the WWE world with the stage name The Fatu Brothers. The big reason behind their debut in wrestling was their father, Rikishi.

Rikishi taught both of them wrestling, and also they went to Wild Samoan Training Center for further training. Since, Rikishi is a former wrestler, entering WWE for The Usos was not a big deal.

The twin brothers have been wrestling for the past 14 years now. In those 14 years of wrestling, they won the tag team championship for the eighth time. That includes the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship (three times), the WWE SmackDown Championship (five times), and the WWE Tag Team Championship (two times).

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The Usos evolved to be one of the best tag teams in WWE. In June 2023, The Usos were considered the best tag team of all time by the Hall of Famer Bully Ray. As of 2023, Jey Uso’s net worth is around $2 million, and receives $250,000 annually as a salary.

Besides professional life, Jey is very sweet in his personal life. He got married to Takecia Travis in 2015 and has two children, Jaciyah and Jeyce Fatu.

About Jimmy’s personal life, he got married to Trinity Fatu in 2014. They have two children, Jayla and Jaidan Fatu. The readers can connect with The Usos on Instagram here.

Thamiko T. Fatu (Jeremiah Peniata Fatu)

Jimmy Uso brother, Thamiko T. Fatu also known as Jeremiah Peniata Fatu was born on August 30, 1986, in Los Angeles, California. Jeremiah is currently 37 years old.

Like his elder brother The Usos, he is also into wrestling and his father Rikishi was the tutor. Besides wrestling, Jeremiah is also into business and acting.

jimmy uso brother thamiko fatu
Thamiko Fatu is a wrestler, businessman, and actor
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Currently, Thamiko has control of his family merchandise site He is also into pro wrestling and helps people to get booking of the show through his family website.

Unlike his brothers, Thamiko doesn’t like to keep himself in the limelight and does his work behind the camera. Regarding his personal life, there is not much information. The readers can connect with Thamiko on Instagram here.

Solo Sikoa (Joseph Yokozuna Fatu)

Jimmy Uso brother, Solo Sikoa also known as Joseph Yokozuna Fatu was born in Sacramento, California, on March 18, 1993. He is currently 30 years old and holds the nationality of America.

Like all his brothers, Solo is trained by his father as well. For further training, he went to train at WWE Performance Center. With all the essential training, he was seen in the WWE.

Solo debuted in wrestling on April 29, 2018, and played in the first match with his teaming up with his cousin Jacob and Journey Fatu. He signed a contract with WWE on August 30, 2021, and was allocated to the WWE brand NXT.

jimmy uso brother solo sikoa
Solo Sikao is the youngest of three brothers
Image Source: Instagram

Later in September 2022, Solo was seen interrupting a match held between Roman Reigns and  Drew McIntyre and helped Roman to win back the WWE Universal Championship.

Currently, Solo is performing on SmackDown a WWE brand, and receives $80,000 annually. As of 2023, Solo Sikoa’s net worth is around $3 million.

Furthermore, Solo Sikoa got married to Almia Williams on February 28, 2023. They together have two children, Zion Fatu and Za’khi Christopher Fatu. The readers can connect with Solo Sikoa on Instagram here.

Frequently Asked Question

Are Jimmy and Jey Uso really brothers?

Yes, Jimmy and Jey Uso are twins, brothers. Jimmy is older than Jey Uso by nine minutes.

Are The Usos and Roman Reigns brothers?

The Usos and Roman Reigns both come under the same family tree. But Roman Reigns is the uncle of The Usos.

Is Solo The Uso brother?

Yes, Solo is the youngest brother of The Usos.

How many brothers are there in The Usos?

Jimmy and Jey Uso are the only brothers in The Usos. They were called The Fatu Brothers previously.

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