Anthony Volpe Parents: Isabella and Michael Volpe

Anthony Volpe is a professional baseball player who is on the verge of becoming one of the best players in the game. He is a rising star in the MLB and Anthony Volpe parents, Isabella and Michael Volpe, are the key to his successful MLB career.

Both Isabella and Anthony are hard-working and dedicated doctors who have always been supportive of their children’s dreams. When Anthony showed an interest in baseball, Isabella and Michael Volpe were there to help him in every way possible.

anthony volpe with his mother isabella volpe, when he was four years old
The four-year-old Anthony with his mother Isabella Volpe
Image Source: Instagram

They used to drive Anthony to practice, bought him equipment, and provided him with all the love and care. Isabella and Michael also taught him the importance of hard work and dedication.

In this article, the readers will learn about Anthony’s parents and his relationship with them. There is information regarding his sibling. So let’s dive into the article to take a closer look at Anthony’s life.

Anthony Volpe Parents

Anthony Michael Volpe is a professional baseball player who dreamed of becoming like Derek Jeter. To make Volpe’s dream come true, his parents did everything they could to turn his dream into reality. They were constantly there to support their son.

So who exactly is Vople parents? Isabella and Michael Volpe are the parents of Anthony. Both of them are doctors and responsible parents.

Mother Isabella Volpe

Isabella Volpe, Anthony Volpe’s mother, is the key reason behind Anthony’s inspiration and hardship in the MLB. She was born in the Philippines and holds dual citizenship in the Philippines and the United States.

Isabella is very precious to Anthony, and they can often be seen together watching baseball matches. She moved to the United States in search of a better quality of education and settled there.

Currently, Isabella is in her late 40s and is a well-trained physician as an anesthesiologist. She works in one of the hospitals in New Jersey and is committed to her work.

Father Michael Volpe

Michael Volpe, Anthony Volpe’s father, was born in Italy and later moved to the United States for quality education and more. He is currently in his early 50s and holds the Volpe family together.

anthony volpe is playing baseball at the age of seven
Anthony at the age of seven
Image Source: Instagram

Michael gained an education and became a urologist. He is working in one of the hospitals in New Jersey, like his wife, Isabella. They have been in this field for a very long time and are hard-working doctors.

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Being the head of the family is not easy for Michael to hold the family financially but it is made easier by Isabella’s help. She is a good mother and a great wife.

Michael can also be seen watching his son play football with his wife, Isabella. When their son is playing in the game, the Volpe parents make sure they spend quality time together.

Michael and Isabella’s Children

The well-trained doctors, Michael and Isabella, have been blessed with two children: Anthony Volpe and Olivia Volpe. They have both taken care of Anthony and Olivia very well, and they are both becoming fine people.

Anthony Volpe was born on April 28, 2001, in New York. He is currently 22 years old and on the edge of becoming one of the best baseball players. Anthony idolized former baseball player Derek Jeter.

On the other hand, Anthony Volpe’s sibling, Olivia Volpe, was born in 2003, making her two years younger than Anthony. She is currently 20 years old and is studying at Georgetown University.

Frequently Asked Question

Who are Anthony Volpe parents?

Isabella and Michael Volpe are Anthony Volpe’s parents.

Is Anthony Volpe’s dad Italian?

Yes, Anthony Vople’s father, Michael Volpe is Italian, who came to America for quality education.

What is Anthony Volpe’s mother’s nationality?

Anthony Volpe’s mother, Isabella Volpe holds the nationality of the Philippines.

Where did Anthony Volpe grow up?

Anthony Volpe grows up with his parents in Watchhurg, New Jersey, USA.

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