Arch Manning Siblings: May Manning and Heid Manning

Arch Manning siblings, Heid Manning and May Manning are in the sports. Both of his siblings are going great with their respective games.

arch manning with his siblings may & heid and parents ellen and cooper
The Manning family celebrating the Christmas
Image Source: The Football USA

On the other hand, Arch’s small brother, Heid is playing American football for the high school at the moment and is going great with his games like his siblings.

So, there are more obstacles to come to them, and they need to win all those obstacles to be one of the best players. Let’s go through the article to know more about them.

Who are Arch Manning Siblings?

Arch Manning siblings are Heid Manning and May Manning. They were born to a couple named Cooper Manning and Ellen Heidingsfelder.

Each and every member of the Manning family successfully made their way through life obstacles and is living the best life in their respective career.

Heid Manning

Like his brother Arch, Heid is also on the verge of becoming a professional American footballer very soon. Currently, he is playing for his college.

heid manning age
Heid Manning is 17 years old
Image Source: Instagram

Heid Manning was born on April 20, 2006, in Drew, Mississippi. He is 17 years old and was born under the sun sign, Taurus.

As per his physical features, Heid is 6 feet tall and weighs around 102 kg. Likewise, he has a pair of brown eyes and short brown hair.

Currently, there is no information if he is in any kind of relationship. However, of that, Heid is all focused on making his career successful and dreaming to be like his brother Arch.

May Manning

May is the big sister to Arch and Heid Manning. Like her brothers, she is also into sports and is not missing any chance to be a successful volleyball player ahead.

May Manning was born on March 12, 2002, in Drew, Mississippi. She is currently 21 years old and is her daddy’s girl. She is loved by every member of the house.

Making her way through the high school volleyball games and coming to be one of the best volleyball players in the college, May has come very far with her performance.

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In 2020, May became the best player in the Division IV Volleyball Tournament and was given the Outstanding Player award. Now, she got enrolled at the University of Virginia.

According to some reports, May has still not found her love life. She can be seen roaming with her girlfriends and enjoying her moment with them.

Who is Arch Manning?

Archibald Charles Manning is an American college quarterback. He was born on April 27, 2005, and is 18 years old. Arch is the middle child of Cooper and Ellen.

The Manning family background is filled with athletes as Arch’s grandfather has remained an American football player himself.

About Arch’s physical attributes, he is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 98 kg. Compared to his brother Heid, he is 4 inches taller than him.

It has sometimes become for Arch playing in college football. And according to some sources, he has already earned quite a fortune off the game. As of 2023, Arch Manning’s net worth is $2.1 million.


Is there a 4th Manning brother?

No, the Manning family has only two sons, Arch Manning, and Heid Manning.

Who are Arch Manning’s siblings?

Arch Manning’s siblings are Heid Manning and May Manning. And May is older than both of them.

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