Brittany Mahomes Parents: Diana Massey and Scott Matthews

Brittany Mahomes is a famous American fitness trainer, social media influencer, content creator, businesswoman, and Instagram personality. In this article, we will discuss Brittany Mahomes parents.

Other than that, she is also an entrepreneur from Whitehouse, Texas, United States. Brittany is a very popular figure in the United States. She is the wife of famous American football quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

She is famous for being a hot fitness trainer, businesswoman, and co-owner of the women’s soccer team called Kansas City Current.

brittany mahomes at super bowl
Brittany Mahomes attending the super bowl match
Image Source: Instagram

Being a fitness freak, Brittany provides a fitness-related expertise program through her website called Brittany Lynne Fitness.

Furthermore, Brittany Mahomes parents are Diana Massey and Scott Matthews. She grew up in Texas with two siblings. Both are her younger brother Devin and Landon.

She had a very hard childhood growing up. So Brittany is a very private and secretive person in real life. The beautiful fitness trainer has not shared much anything about her personal life.

Hence, in the following article, we will dive deep into Brittany Mahomes personal life and her parents.

Brittany Mahomes Parents

Brittany Mahomes Father Scott Matthews

Brittany Mahomes father’s name is Martin Scott Matthews. However, most people know him as Scott Matthews.

Scott Matthews is a professional project manager and executive head by profession at Huntzinger Management group.

He has been involved in the healthcare sector for a very long time i.e more than three decades.

Meanwhile, a few years back, Scott was working in the field of IT as he was the Healthcare IT Leader.

brittany mahomes father
Brittany Mahomes father is Scott Matthews
Image Source: Instagram

Before that, Scott also worked as the director of the IT department at Legacy Community Health Service.

Many people got the benefit and learned many more things under the leadership of the talented Scott Matthews.

Briefly talking about his academic background, Scott Matthew was a graduate of the University of Texas Tyler in 1996.

After graduating from TU Tyler, Scott landed a job at Children’s Medical Centre in Dallas as a group manager which was the start of his brilliant career.

Meanwhile, Scott Matthews also worked in many places like Ohio Health, UCI Health, the University of Miami Health System, NYC Health, Froedtert Health, and more.

Brittany Mahomes Mother Diana Massey

Brittany Mahomes mother name is Diana Massey. She was also in the same field just like Brittany Mahomes father.

Diana Massey was a healthcare professional who worked at UT Health East Texas. She was a physical therapist by her profession.

brittany mahomes mother
Brittany Mahomes and her mother Diana Massey attending the football match
Image Source: Instagram

Furthermore, Diana Massey was born in 1965 in Whitehouse, Texas. As of now, Diana Massey is 58 years old.

Talking about her academics, Diana Massey went to Kilgore College. After that, she went to the University of Texas at Tyler.

Diana Massey and Scott Matthews Relationship

Talking about the relationship between Diana Massey and Scott Matthews, they had a very hot and cold relationship.

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As the pair divorced after a few years of marriage. During that, time Brittany Mahomes was young which also impacted her life.

Diana Massey married Paul Massey. But sadly, Scott Matthews passed away recently in 2019.

Brittany Mahomes relationship with her parents

Brittany had a good relationship with her mother but not as much as with her father. As, during her childhood, the two of them got divorced.

And, Brittany had to live with Diana Massey. But as of now, she has a very good relationship with both of them.

Brittany often went to visit her father and used to share the images on social media. Not just her father but her step-father Paul with who she was also very close.

On the other hand with her mother Diana Massey, she was her sweetheart. Brittany even takes her mother to the football match with her husband in the stadium.

Brittany’s social media is filled with pictures of the two of them which show the transparent relationship with her.

FAQs About Brittany Mahomes Parents

Who is Brittany Mahomes biological father?

Brittany Mahomes biological father is Scott Matthews.

How old is Diana Massey?

As of 2023, Diana Massey is 58 years old.

What is Brittany Mahomes nationality?

Brittany Mahomes nationality is American.

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