Who Is Caroline Gracia Boyfriend? Is Carline Gracia Married?

Caroline is on the tennis ground for a long time and no one has seen Caroline Gracia boyfriend face. Thus, the fans of Caroline are very curious about knowing her boyfriend’s name.

caroline gracia with her dog endy
Caroline is having fun with her dog Endy
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On the other hand, Gracia is all focused on her games. She has won 11 professional games and currently ranks at 5 in the singles and 87 in the doubles. The highest ranking in singles was 4 while in doubles was 2 in the world.

In this article, the readers will know about Caroline and her current and past relationships. So let’s learn what she has to share about her relationship in the following.

Who is Caroline Gracia Boyfriend?

Caroline Gracia is a French professional tennis player. She has been in the limelight for a very long time now and yet doesn’t seem to have a romantic relationship with anyone.

Basically, Gracia is believed to be single at the moment. Scrolling down her Instagram, there was not a single picture of her with a man beside a fan and her tennis teams.

Many considered her to be a lesbian or some sort of person from LGBTQ+, but Caroline has never confirmed it. On the other hand, she can be seen loving her single peaceful life.

Caroline Gracia Past Relationship

Caroline Gracia doesn’t seem to have any past relationships. Even if she had one it cannot be retrieved because of Gracia’s nature of keeping her personal life low profile.

There is always someone with who a person shares their emotions and life. Many believe that, Caroline does have that someone with whom she shares everything but doesn’t want the world to know about it.

caroline gracia at a cafe
Caroline is having the best time
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Gracia has reached the top level of her career and has two Grand Slams under her name. Many people can be seen approaching her, to be in a relationship and yet, Gracia doesn’t have any response for them.

In the upcoming October, Caroline will be turning 30 and Caroline Gracia boyfriend is nowhere to find. If the rumors are true, Gracia being in a relationship then she must be all focused on her games.

Caroline Gracia Age, Parents, Net Worth

A French professional tennis player, Caroline Gracia was born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, on October 16, 1993. She is currently 29 years old and was born under the sun sign, Scorpio.

Gracia is the daughter of Louis Paul Gracia and Mary Lene Gracia. They raised her with all the love and care, as Caroline was the only child, Louis and Mary had.

Growing up, Carolina began watching tennis and grew interested in it, and began training for it. When she went to high school she was already hitting the tennis ball hard.

She then was seen playing during her college years as well and when Gracia was finally prepared for her professional debut in tennis, she turned professional in 2011. This year was tough as she faced many professional players.

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No feeling down and training hard over time, she began seeing results. In 2018, she saw a ray of hope after failing twice to grab a Grand Slam, but this time was different. Thus, she won a Grand Slam.

As of now, Graica has won many events, and in doing so she has earned $16,042,061 over the 12-year time period and there is more to come. Caroline Gracia net worth is around $22 million. Find Gracia on Instagram.


Is Caroline Gracia still married?

In the first place, Caroline Gracia was never married. There is also no clarification, if she has a boyfriend.

Who is the partner of Caroline Gracia?

In doubles, Caroline Gracia can be seen partnering with Kristina Mladenovic.

Has Caroline Gracia won a Grand Slam?

No, the professional tennis player, Caroline Gracia has two Grand Slams under her name.

Who is Caroline Gracia boyfriend?

Caroline Gracia boyfriend is nowhere to find as she is single at the moment.

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