Colin Kaepernick Parents: Rick Kaepernick, Teresa Kaepernick, and Heidi Russo

Colin Kaepernick parents, Rick and Teresa Kaepernick have been the proudest parent after their adopted son got them fame and attention from the world.

On the bright side, Colin is also very happy with them. Even after knowing who is his biological mother, Kaepernick didn’t ditch his foster parents.

colin kaepernick with his foster parents, rick and teresa kaepernick
Colin with his foster parents, Rick and Teresa on the football ground
Image Source: New York Post

Colin however was criticized by many people, when he didn’t consider meeting his biological mother. But there were also some people who supported his decision.

In this article, the reader will know about both the foster and biological parents of Colin and also about his adoption. So let’s go through the article.

Colin Kaepernick Parents: Foster and Biological Parents

Colin Kaepernick has been blessed with three guardians. Kaepernick was adopted when he was very little, he got to live a better life with Teresa and Rick Kaepernick (Colin Kaepernick Parents).

But after making some big headlines over the years, Colin’s biological mother, Heidi Russo has shown up and is talking about her son on her YouTube channel.

Teresa Kaepernick (Foster Mother)

Teresa Kaepernick is a nurse by profession and has been the proudest mother and at the same time the saddest. Thus, a lot has gone on in her life.

Mrs. Kaepernick has given birth to four children, three sons, Lance, Kent, Kyle, and a daughter Devon Kaepernick. Unfortunately, she has to see two of her sons, Lance and Kent die.

Both Kaepernick’s sons die because of some complication in their hearts. As of 2023, Lance would have turned 34 and Kent 32, but they passes away when they were little.

Currently, Teresa is not holding any kind of profession. She is living her best life after her adopted son brought them into the limelight. They are even seen together in some of the events.

Rick Kaepernick (Foster Father)

Colin Kaepernick’s foster father, Rick Kaepernick is from Wisconsin. He was born & raised there by his parents and almost spent half of his life there.

Rick Kaepernick devoted his life to working for various cheese companies. He has worked in many cheese companies but spent most of his life in two companies, Hilmar Cheese Company and Borden Dairy.

colin kaepernick biological mother, heidi russo age
Colin’s biological mother, Heidi Russo is 54 years old
Image Source: Daily Mail

Firstly, Rick spent working 17 years of his life at Borden Dairy. Later, he was offered to work at Hilmar Cheese Company. Rick then worked at Hilmar until he retired in June 2015.

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While working at Hilmar, he also worked for many other cheese companies. Getting experience in the dairy world, brought him to be a board member of many top dairy associations.

Even after retiring from Hilmar Cheese Company, Rick is holding his board member position at various dairy and dairy research associations.

Heidi Russo (Biological Mother)

The biological mother of Colin Kaepernick, Heidi Russo was born in the USA on January 1, 1969. Currently, she is 54 years old and holds the nationality of America.

Heidi is the daughter of James and Phyllis Zabransky. And she has not disclosed about her siblings at the moment. Likewise, Heidi is a licensed nurse.

After completing high school, Heidi was in love with an African man. They had some romantic moments but later, the undisclosed person left Heidi all alone.

Growing up, Heidi learned a lot of things and came to marry a fine man, Heath Russo. They together welcomed three children, Michael, Ethan, and Alex Russo.

Colin was Adopted By Mr. and Mrs. Kaepernick when He was Six Weeks Old

When Heidi was in her college, she got into a romantic relationship with an African man. Later, Russo was pregnant by an undisclosed person.

At the age of 19, Heidi came to give birth to Colin. Since she was a teen and her boyfriend had already left her, Russo got no option but to give away her child.

And that’s when Rick and Teresa came to meet Heidi. Both parties were met by a mutual friend and Mr. and Mrs. Kaepernick adopted the six-week-old child.

Who is Colin Kaepernick?

Colin Rand Kaepernick is an American professional football player. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on November 3, 1987. Colin is currently 35 years old.

The 35-year-old player began his professional football career in 2011 and was drafted by San Francisco. Colin has been consistent with his performance but after 2016, he has taken pause from the game.

The five years of gameplay has brought Colin a lot of Easter egg. As of 2023, Colin Kaepernick’s net worth is $20 million and receives $12.4 million annually.


Did Colin Kaepernick meet his biological parents?

No, Colin doesn’t want to meet his biological parents for the time being.

Is Colin Kaepernick Ok with his parents?

Growing up with a foster family was tough but later everyone came together to understand each other and are living happily.

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