Connor Wong Parents: Rick, Rachel, and Matt Maysey

Connor Wong parents are the best supporter of his career. His mother, Rachel marrying Matt has helped Connor to be one of the best baseball players out there.

connor wong with his wife danielle joosten
The lovely couple, Danielle Joosten and Connor Wong
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His stepfather, Matt himself was a baseball pitcher. He didn’t play for long, yet it was more than enough for Connor to learn many things from his stepdad.

However, Connor biological father couldn’t do much emotionally as he was in Dubai working hard for his family. Let’s go through the article to know more about Connor parents.

Connor Wong Parents: Rick, Rachel, and Matt Maysey

Connor Wong parents are Rick Wong, Rachel Maysey, and Matt Maysey. Among the three, Rick Wong and Rachel Maysey are the biological parents of Connor while Matt is the step-father of Connor.

Father Rick Wong

Connor biological father, Rick Wong belongs to the Asian race as his parents were from China. Yet, Rick was born in America and thus has been influenced by American culture.

Rick spent and raised his childhood in America but later had to go to Dubai in order to do some earnings. He worked as a construction engineer there and had to lose many things in life because of this.

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Previously, Rick was married to Rachel Maysey but since he moved to Dubai for earning. It was their long-distance relationship, that didn’t work out for them. Thus, they had to walk on a separate path, but it came to be a boon for Connor.

Yet, Connor has a different spot for his biological father. He is grateful to have a father like him, who work hard for his family until the last day of separation. Currently, there is no information on what Rick Wongs is doing.

Mother Rachel Maysey

Connor Wong biological mother, Rachel Maysey is from America. Like her ex-husband, she was born and raised in the USA and also completed both high school and college.

Rachel, after completing high school, enrolled at the University of Texas. She then received a degree in Bachelor of Science degree and specialized in Reading and History. But her education didn’t end there.

Maysey then was seen getting further education as well. She did a Master of Curriculum and Instruction. The very next thing that happened was, Maysey becoming a tutor. She also holds an ESL certification.

Currently, Rachel Maysey is teaching at the Sam Jamison Middle School and joined in 2019. Therefore, she has altogether of 26 years of experience in the teaching field. Since Rachel has ESL certification, she teaches English to non-English persons.

Step-Father Matt Maysey

Matt Maysey also known as Matthew Samuel Maysey is a Canadian former MLB player. He was born on January 8, 1967, in Hamilton, Ontario. Matt is currently 56 years old.

On July 8, 1992, Matt debuted in the MLB and began his baseball career. He first player for Montreal Expos. Later for two other teams, Milwaukee Brewers, and Wei Chuan Dragons.

connor wong stepfather, matt maysey wearing the tars jersey
Matt Marsey is an American former baseball player
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Therefore, Matt’s professional baseball career ended in just five years, yet he didn’t play in 1994 and 1995. Basically, he played baseball for three years. Unlike his son, Matt could do miracles on the baseball ground.

Furthermore, Matt was born in Canada but he moved to America later. He then start his school life and began training in baseball. After some time, Matt found Rachel who was carrying three children all alone.

Giving her a hand, the couple got married soon, and that was when Connor began developing an interest in baseball. Since Matt was a former baseball player, it was easy for Connor to learn and dive into baseball games.

At the moment, no one knows what is Matt doing. After his retirement from MLB, he got out of the limelight and began his low-profile life with his wife, Rachel in Texas.

In 1950s: Connor Grand Parents Moved to the USA from China

Among Connor Wong parents, his father Rick belongs to the Asian ethnicity. Connor grandparents moved to America from China in the 1950s, and are in America ever since.

It is believed that they moved to America to escape from the bad economic of the country, During that time, China was in a harsh situation and a country like America was suitable for them.

Who is Connor Wong?

Connor Sun-Han Wong is an American professional baseball player. He was born on May 19, 1996, in Houston, Texas. Currently, Connor is 27 years old and belongs to a mixed race.

On June 22, 2021, Connor debuted in MLB and was drafted by Boston Red Sox. this is Connor’s third year and will be receiving $722,000. Likewise, he is going great with the baseball games.

The three years of Connor baseball games have brought him a fortune. As of 2023, Connor Wong net worth is around $1.5 million. He has no other but baseball as the main source of his income.

Speaking of Wong relationship, he is married to his long-time girlfriend, Danielle Joosten. However, the couple has no children at the moment, but not for long.


Is Connor Wong and Kolten Wong related?

Both Kolten and Connor is a baseball player but they aren’t related to each other in any way.

Who are Connor Wong parents?

The baseball pitcher, Connor Wongs was born to the couple Rick Wong and Rachel Maysey. But later, Rachel divorced Rick and got married to Matt Maysey, a former baseball player.

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