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David Tua net worth has always been a hot topic to talk about. Tua earned a lot of money throughout his career but was not able to fulfill his dream.

david tua weight
David Tua weight is 108 kg.
Image Source: Wikipedia

It is because David was in debt and all the money earned was spent on clearing those debts. Yet, the boxer keep himself calm and fought legendary fights.

Today, David is earning huge money. With that money, he is also helping money needy people. In this article, we will be learning about David Tua net worth and other assets.

David Tua: Biography

Full Name Faumuina To’aletai Mafaufau David Tua
Net worth $7 million
Date of birth 21st November 1972
Birthplace Fasitootai, Samoa
Age 50 years old
Sun sign Scorpio
Father name Tuavale Lio Mafaufau Sanerivi
Mothers’ Name Noela Tua
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 108 kg
Body Measurement Under Review
Nationality New Zealand and Samoan
Ethnicity Samoan Americans
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Professional Boxer
Partner Helen Tua
Children Kaynan Tua and Klein Tua
Marital Status Married
Social Media Presence Facebook
Last update on February 2023

David Tua Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, David Tua net worth is $7 million. He has earned more than $30 million to date. But all the money he earned was spent on clearing his debt.

david tua net worth 2023
As of 2023, David Tua net worth is $7 million.
Image Source: Pacific Media Network

Because of Tua debt, it was very difficult for Tua to buy a house in the early days of his career. Even though, it didn’t affect Tua’s boxing.

Tua’s career started as a boxer in December 1992. He took retirement in June 2013. Thus, he gave his 21 years to boxing.

David Tua House

David Tua used to live in a small house before. Even after getting a high payment, he never went on buying a house as all his money used to be spent on clearing his debt.

But, the boxer David showed courage and announced buying a house after the fight. The fight was held in 2011.

After that, Tua bought not just only one but many houses to date. Currently, he is living in Auckland, Newzland.

David Tua Cars

David Tua has bought many cars. During his peak years, he also spent on many other luxurious items.

On 28th July 2000, David Tua Mercedes, which cost him $85,000 was lost out of nowhere. But it was found the next day.

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Besides Mercedes, David also has many other cars. But the information about those cars is not available. Thus, David Tua net worth is spent on buying cars as well.

David Tua Earning From Boxing

David Tua has earned $4.5 million from his boxing career. In 2000, Tua fought against Lennox Lewis and earned $3.5 million. This was the highest payment he received in an event. At the same time, it was the toughest match of David’s career.

david tua against lennox lewis on 11th november 2000
David Tua Vs Lennox Lewis on 11th November 2000.
Image Source: Wikipedia

In 2007, David earned $400,000 boxing with Saul Montana. This match was also one of the toughest matches of his life.

In 2009. Tua earned $500,000 fighting against Shane Cameron. Lastly, in 2013 he earned $100,000 in boxing against Luis Ortiz.

In June 2013, David played his last match against Belarusian Alexander. He lost that match by a considerable margin. Thus, Tua announced his retirement from playing professional boxing.

Year Match Earning
2000 David Tua Vs Lennox Lewis $3.5 million
2007 David Tua Vs Saul Montana $400,000
2009 David Tua Vs Shane Cameron $500,000
2013 David Tua Vs Luis Ortiz $100,000

David Tua Vs Lennox Lewis

Charity Works

The former boxer is involved in charity. David Tua net worth is spent on helping people as well.

Tua has spent more than $500,000 on charity works. Yet, it is just a number that came out from various sources.

As Tua has donated huge money but not letting any know. Thus, the amount is not cleared to date.

David has donated money to various causes. The causes are breast cancer, rebuilding people’s houses destroyed by a storm, uplifting poor people, child abuse, and many more.

David Tua Merchandise

David Tua doesn’t sell any merch. He does have some merch of his name and images but Tua gives it for free to needy people.

There are also some other websites, who are selling Tua merch. Thus, all the earning from such websites does not increase David Tua net worth.

David Tua Age and Height

David Tua’s age is 50 years. He was born in Samoa but later he came to New Zealand to take part in boxing.

That is why Tua has two different citizenship. One of Samoa and another of New Zealand. Since he has been part of boxing for more than 21 years.

Tua is very active. Thus, his weight is 108 kg. Also, David’s height is 5 feet 9 inches. Talking about his facial attributes, Tua has a pair of dark brown eyes and black hair.

The boxer Tua likes to keep his head bald. It was not like this in his younger days.

Who is David Tua’s wife?

David Tua wife is Helen Tua. She is in her mid-40s and was born in New Zealand. The couple David and Helen got married in 2016.

The married couple David and Helen first meet at a fundraising event for Cyclone Evan. Since the event was to help the people of Samoa. David felt an instant connection with her.

david tua with his wife helen tua and his sons kaynan and klein tua
David Tua enjoying the moment with his wife Helen Tua and his kids Klein and Kaynan Tua.
Image Source: stuff

Thereafter, Tua started dating Helen. Yet, the couple has no children. The two sons Tua has is from his previous marriage. The name of David ex-wife is Robina Siteine.

The two names of David’s children are Kaynan Tua and Klein Tua.

David Instagram

David is not on any other social media besides Instagram. He likes to post his thoughts and memories on his Instagram account.

Facebook: 66k followers

Interesting facts about David Tua

  • As of 2023, David Tua net worth is $7 million.
  • David Tua has never faced Mike Tyson.
  • Out of 59 matches, Tua has lost only five matches and draw two matches.
  • In 2022, David was acknowledged as a Florida Boxing Hall of Fame.
  • After retirement, Tua is focused on training youth who are weak both mentally and physically.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is David Tua net worth?

As of 2023, David Tua net worth is $7 million.

Did David Tua ever win a title?

Yes, in 1988, Tua won the New Zealand national heavyweight championship. He was 15 years old at that time.

What is David Tua doing now?

David Tua is involved in training young giving them knowledge about various sports.

Who has David Tua lost to?

On 7th June 1997, Tua lost for the first time to Ike Ibeabuchi.

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