De’Aaron Fox Kids: Kai Fox and Reign Fox

De’Aaron Fox kids are Kai Fox and Reign Fox. At present, De’Aaron Fox’s children are relatively young. His second child, Reign Fox, was born in February 2022 and is currently only a year old. In contrast, his firstborn son, Kai, was born in 2017, making him five years older than his younger sibling.

de'Aaron fox married recee caldwell
De’Aaron Fox married Recee Caldwell in August 2022 at an elaborate ceremony in Malibu, California
Image Source: Instagram

De’Aaron Fox is a professional American basketball player who plays for the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Before being drafted 5th overall by the Kings in the 2017 NBA Draft, he participated in college basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats.

In 2023, Fox had a remarkable season in which he led the Kings to their first postseason appearance in 16 seasons, was chosen for his first All-Star team, and became the first recipient of the NBA Clutch Player of the Year Award.

In this article, we will get to know about Kai Fox and Reign Fox in depth. Also, we will learn about De’Aaron Fox’s life with his kids.

De’Aaron Fox Kids

De’Aaron Fox son Kai Fox

Kai Fox is De’Aaron Fox’s eldest child, born in 2017.

Fox kept the birth of Kai a secret for one year before announcing in September 2018 that he had a one-year-old son, much to the surprise of his fans who were unaware of his fatherhood.

de'Aaron fox with his family
De’Aaron with Recee Caldwell along with their son Reign Fox
Image Source: Instagram

Fox revealed that he had a son named Kai with his previous partner. Fox later shared a photograph on social media in July 2020, depicting him and his partner, Recee, enjoying a walk with their first child on the streets of California.

De’Aaron Fox Son Reign Fox

De’Aaron Fox’s second son is Reign Fox. Fox and his partner, Recee, shared some happy news at the end of 2022. They took a picture to remember the moment and show that Recee’s belly was getting bigger with the baby inside.

In January 2023, their family surprised them with a party to celebrate the upcoming baby. Then, on February 3, 2023, Recee gave birth to their first child, Reign. It was a special time for Fox and Recee as they welcomed their new baby into the world.

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Recee and Reign went to Fox’s All-Star game in February 2023, and people saw them together for the first time. Later, at another game, Recee wore a shirt to support Fox’s teammate and held Reign while cheering on the team.

De’Aaron Fox’s relationship with his kids

Fox has a great relationship with his kids. Kai is the son of Fox from his previous relationship and Reign is the child of Fox and Recee.

Fox is a person who is dedicated, focused, disciplined, and hardworking. He has a strong desire for his children to succeed and is determined to shape them into great individuals from a young age. His relationship with his children is crucial and has a significant impact on their overall growth and well-being.

de'Aaron fox age
De’Aaron Fox is 25 years old
Image Source: Instagram

Since Kai is five years older than his younger brother Reign, he may have reached more developmental milestones due to having more time to learn and develop.

However, this age gap could also create a sense of responsibility in Kai towards his younger sibling, which can bring both positive and negative aspects.

As Fox continues to navigate the challenges of fatherhood, he will learn and grow alongside his children, experiencing the highs and lows that come with watching them grow and flourish.

FAQs about De’Aaron Fox Kids

Who are De’Aaron Fox kids?

De’Aaron Fox kids are Kai Fox and Reign Fox.

What is De’Aaron Fox age?

De’Aaron Fox is currently 25 years old.

Who is De’Aaron Fox wife?

De’Aaron Fox wife is Recee Caldwell.

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