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Denny Crum wife, Susan Sweeney is an American journalist. She has spent her whole life doing her job. Recently, Denny Crum left this world, this has impacted Susan a lot.

susan sweeney age
Susan Sweeney is 78 years old
Image Source: Instagram

The couple were together for more than 22 years. In those years, they didn’t bear any children but they loved each other with all the love they could hold.

This article is all about Denny Crum wife Susan. Readers will find a lot of things regarding Susan. Let’s get going through the article.

Susan Sweeney: Biography

Full Name Susan Sweeney
Nickname Susan
Date of Birth 22nd January 1945
Birth Place United States
Age 78
Sun Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Occupation Journalist
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Husband Denny Crum
Children None
Marital Status Widow
Marriage Date 9th June 2001
Net Worth Under Review
Social Media Presence None
Last Updated May 2023

Who is Denny Crum Wife?

Susan Sweeney is the wife of Denny Crum. She is the second wife of Denny. Likewise, Susan remained a journalist her whole life.

Denny Crum and Susan Sweeney Relationship Timeline

There is no information about how the couple Denny and Susan first met. However, the couple remained faithful and loyal to each other.

The late & former basketball coach, Denny Crum was married to journalist Susan Sweeney on 9th June 2001. Susan is the second wife of Denny.

susan sweeney and denny crum marriage time
The couple Susan and Denny was together for 22 years
Image Source: Instagram

The couple was together for more than 22 years until Denny left this world on 9th May 2023. This was a heartbreaking moment for Susan.

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Even after the demise of Denny, he would remain in Susan’s heart. Since they were together for this long, many people appreciated their love.

Denny And Susan’s Children

Unfortunately, the couple Denny and Susan don’t bear any children together. The reason is not specific but according to some reports it is because of complications in fertility.

Yet, Denny has three children from his previous marriage with Joyce Elaine Lunsford. The name of the children are Scott, Steve, and Cynthia Crum.

Susan Sweeney Age and Height

Denny Crum’s wife, Susan Sweeney was born on 22nd January 1945 in the USA. She is 78 years old and was born under the sun sign Aquarius.

denny crum and susan sweeney watch horse racing
The couple Susan and Denny watch horse racing together
Image Source: Instagram

This journalist held an amazing beauty when she was young. With a pair of sparkling brown eyes and brown hair.

Ethnicity and Religion

There is no information about Susan’s ethnicity but since she was born into a Christian family, she has faith in Christianity.

Susan Sweeney Net Worth 2023

Susan Sweeney’s net worth is not disclosed yet. It is because she hasn’t shared financial information with the public.

Yet, Susan will be $80 million richer than her actual net worth as her husband has left all this net worth to her.

Who is Denny Crum?

Denzel Edwin Crum aka Denny Crum was a former men’s basketball coach. He was born on 2nd March 1937 and died on 9th May 2023.

At the time of death, Denny was 86 years old. Likewise, He was born to a couple Alwin Denzil Crum (father) and June Turner (mother).

denny crum net worth 2023
At the time of Denny’s death, his net worth was $80 million
Image Source: Instagram

Crum remained a basketball player himself for four years before coaching basketball teams. He first coached UCLA freshmen in 1959.

Slowly, Denny picked pace and was noticed by everyone. He trained altogether of five teams before retiring. In March 2001, Crum retired from coaching any more basketball teams.

He received a lot of acknowledgment during his career. In that process, Denny also earned massively. Denny Crum has left $80 million of net worth to his wife Susan.

Susan Sweeney Instagram

Denny Crum’s wife, Susan Sweeney is not active on any of the social media platforms.


Who is Denny Crum’s first wife?

Joyce Elaine Lunsford is the first wife of Denny Crum.

Who is Denny Crum’s wife?

Journalist Susan Sweeney is the wife of Denny Crum.

How long has Denny Crum been married to Susan?

The couple Denny and Susan are married for more than 22 years.

How old is Denny Crum?

Denny Crum dies at the age of 86.


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