Downfall Of West Indies Cricket – How did that happen?

Unbelievable history has been made recently, that no one would have expected. The era of a team that has been representing the top teams in the world cup has come to an end. Downfall of West Indies cricket has just begun.

gajanand singh after scoring century against west indies
Gajanand Singh after scoring a century against West Indies.
Image Source: ESPNCricinfo

West Indies cricket is known for its outstanding delivery of its games. It has won two cricket world cups in the past in 1975 and 1979 consecutively.

Since then the West Indies team has struggled to reclaim the World Cup trophy. Yet their performance was mind-blowing that it could win many world cups but no more.

The period has come to an end. They have nothing but failure to talk about and it gets worsen every day. So, how did the downfall of West Indies come?

Win Against the USA By 39 Runs (June 18, 2023)

Who could have thought the West Indies will see their defeat from the start of the ICC qualifier round? Even beating the USA, there was not a single good sign for them. Thus, the downfall of West Indies cricket had already begun.

The match began with the USA winning the toss and they choose to bowl against WI. The few overs of the match were not seen as good for the Indies.

However, the pace changed and they began hitting hard the ball and earned a score of 297 runs. This score was quite high for the teams like USA and thus come to win the match by 39 runs.

Winning the match was a plus point but there was a big hole in the teams. The player of the West Indies didn’t show any good signs as they were having a hard time facing the USA.

Win Against the NEP By 101 Runs (June 22, 2023)

The only game which went great for the West Indies was against Nepal. It was one of the easiest games for the Indies. But it provided nothing but the wrong sentiment.

The 2nd ICC qualifier match began with Nepal winning the toss and deciding to bowl against the Indies. The West Indies began hitting the ball hard from the start of the match.

And they only stopped after scoring 339 runs utilizing all 50 overs. Nepal however couldn’t chase it down and lost by 101 runs.

West Indies then began celebrating two consecutive victors against the USA and Nepal. This celebration was the beginning of their worst days.

Loss Against ZIM By 35 Runs (June 24, 2023)

The West Indies have always shown their powerful presence in every match again Zimbabwe. Playing with them has made Zimbabwe question their performance. Looking at its reputation, Zimbabwe battered the West Indies. This was the first hit into downfall of West Indies cricket.

Even after winning a few of the games against the Indies, Zimbabwe had no confidence at all. But this has turned out to be the opposite in recent days.

The Zimbabwe team is seen as very assured and hitting their every shot with max confidence. Whereas, the West Indies couldn’t do anything but see them win.

Losing the ICC qualifier match against Zimbabwe by 35 runs was demotivating for West Indies. And thus, it was quitting upsetting for the West Indies fans as well. Therefore, this match became the first step toward the downfall of West Indies cricket.

Loss Against NED By 22 Runs (June 26, 2023)

The West Indies had won two games out of the three. So losing this one as well could have not affected much. Since the game was against the Netherlands, the history has always been with the Indies.

They have faced the Netherlands six times in ODI and come as a winner five times. But this time, it didn’t go as per the plan of the West Indies.

The Netherlands won the toss and the match as well. They chased down the 374 runs of target and came as the winner of the match.

The West Indies were already at a loss and it added more. The ratio of Netherlands winning against West Indies was 16%, yet they outperformed them.

And the do-or-die situation began for the West Indies after this loss. One more loss and the West Indies are out of the ICC world cup. This game brought the downfall of West Indies cricket closer.

Loss Against SCO By 7 Wickets (July 1, 2023)

Making the scenario worst for the fans, the West Indies come to lose the game against Scottland which in a million years couldn’t be thought of by any people.

The match which made the West Indies out of the ICC world cup was begun with Scottland winning the toss. And the Indies scored 181 runs going all out.

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Many chances could have arisen during their matches but the target they held for Scotland was too low. Nothing but prayers could have saved them, but not this time.

The last two matches of West Indies were in losses and it add to be the third. The fear that the Indies held for other teams for the past many decades has gone.

Therefore, this match was considered the final step in the downfall of West Indies cricket. Even having two more matches to play, they cannot recover from the loss.


If a branch of a tree is shaken, there couldn’t be any possibility of a tree falling. In the same manner, a team wouldn’t fall if its core is well maintained.

zimbabwe after beating west indies in worldcup qualifier 2023
Zimbabwe after beating West Indies in Worldcup Qualifier 2023.
Image Source: Cricket World Cup

In the case of West Indies, the new faces in the management have played a great role in the downfall of West Indies cricket and not only them but the player as well.

The new faces who made an entry into the cricket management of the West Indies weren’t much familiar with the teams and thus result in bad decision-making.

Even the player weren’t confident enough to handle the pressure on the field and they were also not familiar with the play style of the team they played against.

Therefore, there is very less chance the West Indies could ever wake up from sleep. The era has changed and the new faces could be seen taking over the cricket games.

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