Dylan Raiola Parents: Dominic Raiola and Yvonne Raiola

Dylan Raiola parents are Dominic Raiola and Yvonne Raiola. All of his family members belong to the same sports family background i.e. football.

dominic raiola age
Dominic Raiola is 44 years old
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Likewise, Dylan is the son of the popular footballer center of the NFL for the Detroit Lions, Dominic Raiola. Also, Dylan Raiola is a well-known American football quarterback from Arizona.

Recently, Dominic’s son is a member of the Ohio State Buckeyes Football team. Dylan became interested in football and succeeded in his career at a very young age.

This is all possible because of his parents. Dominic and Yvonne have always supported their kids in every stage of their life. Dylan is regarded as one of the highest-rated high school quarterback players.

Being the son of a famous player, he has always been his role model. Also, guided him with every trick and skill to play on the ground.

In the following article, we’ll let you know more about Dylan Raiola parents bio in detail.

Dylan Raiola Parents

Dylan Raiola Father Dominic Raiola

Dylan Raiola father is Dominic Raiola. Dominic is a former American football center. Dylan Raiola father, Dominic was born on 30th December 1978 in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States.

The famous footballer was born to Tony Raiola (his father) and Wendy Raiola (his mother). He was born and raised by his lovely family in the United States. Thus, Dominic holds American nationality along with a white ethnic race.

dylan raiola age
Dylan Raiola is 18 years old
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As of 2023, Dominic Raiola height is 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 m. Along with it, his body weighs around 141 kg which is equivalent to 310 lbs. He has played around 200 games for the Detroit Lions.

In addition, the former NFL player, Dominic has grown up with his two siblings. He is known to be the middle child in his family. Mr. Raiola grew up with his younger sister and brother named, Nicole and Donovan.

Moreover, dylan raiola father, Dominic has spanned his career for the Detroit Lions of the NFL for about 14 years. He was selected by the Detroit Lions during the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft.

After two years, on June 2016, Mr. Raiola was appointed as an assistant coach. By the Detroit Lions because of his strength. He also won All-American while Dominic played football for college at the University of Nebraska.

Dylan Raiola Mother Yvonne Raiola

Dylan Raiola mother is Yvonne Raiola. There is not much information available regarding her age, height, and career. As per some sources, it is found that Yvonne is from Kailua, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Mrs. Raiola is the mother of three children. Their names are Taylor Raiola, Dylan Raiola, and Dayton Raiola. She and her husband have always showered their love on the kids.

Moreover, the beautiful mother of Dylan is known to be a player in water polo. While she was studying at the University, she played the game.

Dylan Raiola Relationship with his Parents

Dylan Raiola has a very good relationship with his parents. Both of them has a great impact role in his career. Because of them, Dylan is able to succeed in his career.

dominic raiola married to yvonne raiola
Dominic Raiola and Yvonne Raiola wedded in the year 2004
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Dylan’s family consists of five members in Arizona. Dominic Raiola and Yvonne Raiola exchanged their wedding vows in the year 2004.

They have an inseparable bond and have been together for about nineteen years.

FAQ About Dylan Raiola Parents

Who are Dylan Raiola parents?

Dominic Raiola and Yvonne Raiola are the parents of Dylan Raiola.

Who is Dylan Raiola’s godfather?

Matthew Stafford is the godfather of Dylan Raiola. Matthew is also known as a fixture in Georgia football history.

Is Dominic Raiola married?

Yes, Dominic is a happily married man. He has tied the knot with Yvonne Raiola.

How tall is Dylan Raiola?

As of 2023, Dylan Raiola height is 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 m.

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