Floyd Mayweather Ex-Girlfriends, Past Relationship, Relationship Status

The American boxer, Floyd Mayweather is a legendary boxer who has dated tons of women during his successful career. Mayweather is known for boxing but has also for having many relationships.

If it is counted then Floyd Mayweather ex-girlfriends are too many. The number will be around 19 and from all those 19 women, he has not married even one.

floyd mayweather ex-girlfriend, josie harris died at the age of 40
Recently, Floyd Mayweather ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris died at the age of 40 due to an overdose of drugs
Image Source: USA Today

However, with few of them, Floyd even got engaged but nothing went as per the plan. Whomever he got engaged with, the relationship never remained the same after a few years.

In this article, the readers will find information regarding Floyd’s ex-girlfriend in depth. So let’s go through the article and know who Floyd has dated in the past.

The last Floyd Mayweather Dated Was Gallienne Nabila

The former professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather isn’t dating anyone currently. However, this was not the case for some time ago as he was dating Gallinne Nabila.

Gallienne is a model and social media influencer. She was with Floyd for a few years before parting ways. After their break up, there are also some rumors of a couple meeting each other.

recently, floyd mayweather has dated a model gallienne nabila
Floyd Mayweather was dating Gallienne Nabila recently
Image Souce: Instagram

But before all this, model Gallienne met Mayweather when she was 16 years old. At that moment, she was not aware of her choice but later developed some feelings for Floyd.

It is reported that the couple began dating when Gallinne was in her early 20s. Since Floyd has a bad reputation in a relationship, many already notice the consequences of their relationship.

Floyd Mayweather’s Past Relationships

The American boxer has already set tons of records during his active career. In the same way, Floyd is making tons of records in his love life.

If it is counted then the boxer has already dated 19 women till now. This couldn’t be less than an achievement for him. The longest, Floyd dated was for 15 years.

Mayweather dated Josie Harris for 15 years and in the way of loving her, Floyd also got engaged with her. But everything came to an end in 2005 as both of them parted ways.

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Floyd’s second longest relationship was with actress Shantel Jackson. The couple dated for almost nine years and in 2010, they got engaged but the relationship ended soon.

The boxer remained in a relationship with multiple women after broking up with Shantel in 2014. Lastly, Floyd was dating Gallienne Nabila.

Floyd Mayweather Was Charged For Domestic Violence

Being in a relationship with multiple women was not easy for Floyd as he had to face numerous charges of domestic violence.

And this was the case from separating from Josie Harris. The couple was engaged and after their, it is reported that Floyd became violent towards Josie.

Thus, Josie had to take some steps and had to end the relationship. The same thing occurred for Shantel Jackson as well. Just after their engagement, everything turned ups and downs.

Jackson thus took the right decision and registered Floyd for domestic violence charges. The couple then was separated in 2014.


Who are Floyd Mayweather ex-girlfriends?

Floyd has dated many women till now. Some of his famous relationships of him are with Josie Harris, Shantel Jackson, Gallienne Nabila, Keyshia Cole, etc.

Who is Floyd Mayweather’s wife?

The American boxer, Floyd has dated 19 women and among them, he has even engaged with but never came to marry one.

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