Franco Harris Family, Brother, Sisters, Parents

Most of the family member of Franco Harris family has passed away. But they do have left a lot of memories to reflect on. The family gave two NFL players.

franco harris age during death
Franco Harris was 72 years old during the death
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Unfortunately, the two NFL players passed away untimely. But the history they have made in the ground of NLF will be known by generations of people.

The Franco family has ten members. Let’s know about all the family members of Franco in detail. So let’s dive into the article.

Franco Harris Family:

The late NFL player, Franco Harris was born to couple Cad and Gina Harris. Cad and Gina parented seven kids and each one has made to make a great career.

Father Cad Harris

Franco Harris father, Cad Harris was a soldier in World War II. Interestingly, this became the reason behind meeting his wife Gina, and he didn’t let it go to waste.

During World War II, Cad was put in Italy and Gina was a native. The story behind them is not known but, the two got really into each other.

Also, Cad married Gina, during the ongoing war. After completing his session, Cad came back to America along with his wife, Gina, and started their new peaceful journey in America.

Unfortunately, Cad Harris passed away on July 17, 1980. He was 60 years old during his demise. The service he has provided to the Americans won’t be forgotten.

Mother Gina Harris

Franco Harris mother, Gina Harris is an Italian mother. From loving an American man to living in the country, Gina was truly in love with Cad.

According to some reports, Gina was older than Cad. Likewise, they were married since World War II’s ending phase and they got more than enough time to love each other.

the late franco harris wife name is Dana Dokmanovich
The late NFL player, Franco Harris was married to Dana Dokmanovich
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Therefore, the couple ended up bearing eight children, Pete Harris, Marisa Lattimore, Luana Harris-Scott, Alvara Harris, Mario Harris, Daniela Miller, and Guiseppe Harris.

After having a wonderful family and living the best life, Gina left the earth at the age of 86. On July 17, 1984, she passed away.

Franco Harris Siblings

Franco Harris was one of the best players and he was also the best brother. After entering the NFL, he helped out his family. Likewise, having a massive family was difficult to manage, but together they did it with ease.

Brother Pete Harris

Pete Harris was an NFL player like his brother Franco Harris. He was very close to Franco, and they together made a ton of memories before passing away.

He was born on April 7, 1957, in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Pete made his way through all the high school games to enter the NFL. It was remarkable.

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However, he died sooner than his brother Franco. Pete was diagnosed with tuberculosis and this became the reason behind his death.

On 10th March 1921, the NFL player, Pete Harrison passed away in Saranac Lake. He was 49 years old at the time of his death.

Sister Marisa Lattimore

Marisa Lattimore is one of the sisters of Franco Harris. According to some reports, she has passed away as well. As per some records, she did have children.

Currently, there is not much information on her. The information about her will be updated if it’s revealed in the upcoming days.

Sister Luana Harris-Scott

Since Luana Harris has a last name, Scott, thus it can be determined she was married to a gentle with Scott as a last name.

There is no information on her. If anything related to her is found, Playersaga will update this section.

Sister Alvara Harris

It is unfortunate for the Harris family, but every member of the family is dying untimely. Franco’s sister Alvara Harris died on January 16, 2013.

At the time of death, Alvara was 59 years old. In her teenage, Alvara went to Rancocas Valley High School. There is no information, if she is a graduate of college.

Alvara was also responsible for taking care of her mother. She was definitely a lovely child of her mother.

Brother Mario Harris

Mario Harris was residing in Cincinnati, Ohio at the time of his death. Harris died on September 22, 2012. At the time of death, he was 64 years old.

Sister Daniela Miller

There is no information about Daniela Miller, if she is even alive or has passed away.

Brother Guiseppe Harris

As per some records, Guiseppe Harris is the youngest brother of Francos Harris. Rather than this, there is not much info about Guiseppe.


Who is Franco Harris’s Wife?

The late NFL player, Franco Harris was married to Dana Dokmanovich.

How many kids does Franco Harris have?

Franco Harris has only one son named Franco Harris Jr.

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