How to become a Game Developer Complete Guide

by NKS

If you want to be a Pro developer, you need to follow these steps. This is the easiest way to be a game developer and you have to follow all the steps carefully. Don’t miss a single step. Here, you can see all the steps in an illustrated form

How to Become a Game Developer



Programming Language:

programming languages like C# and C++ are widely used in game development. But you can also learn java, python, etc.

Asset building:

Learn how to design game characters and other game assets. Design the required animation, character, background and sound effect of the game. For 2d game development Software like ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR is used to creating 2D backgrounds and animation, and BLENDER is used to create 3D assets.

Game Engines:

Software that used to make a game is called GAME ENGINE. Without the proper knowledge, you can’t use a Game Engine. Some popular Engines are UNITY-3D, UNREAL ENGINE, CryEngine, etc.




Create a plan for what kind of games you want to create. This is racing or action or something else or something new. Without the perfect plan, calculating the strengths and weaknesses of the project, development of game is meaningless


When the plan is finished the design step has to be taken, which is essentially building the architecture of the project. This step sets a standard and helps eliminate potential errors by trying to keep up with it.




The real work of developing the game begins here. Program your game with the programming language of your choice and compile this program with game resources and generate APK, EXE, UWP, etc.


The game evaluates for errors during the test phase and if there are any document bugs. Check for bugs, if any, remove them and check, again until all bugs have been removed.




If the game has passed the testing phase, then release the game. This is completely your choice, on which platform you want to publish the game. There are many other platforms such as mobile, PC Xbox.


After the game has gone through all the steps without a problem, the maintenance process is completed where it will be retained and upgraded to accommodate changes from time to time.

I think you’ve got a clear idea about game development. I don’t want to break your heart in the beginning but it is true that the whole process takes a lot of time.

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