Best Platform to Stream Mobile Games

by NKS

1- YouTube gaming:

The YouTube Gaming design is a combination of hit and miss but the layout is actually not so bad. It supports videos with 4K resolution level at 60 fps frame rate. There are so many transcoding facilities available for streamers. It helps users to stay well organized as videos and streams are much easier to manage.

Key Features:

  • The audience size of YouTube gaming platform is still in the growing stage.
  • The mobile application adds support to iOS as well as Android platform.
  • You will find its layout pretty clean.
  • Content quality use to be high enough.

2- Twitch:

Twitch can help game lovers to live stream their videos with ease on all popular social media platforms. It keeps on displaying information about total followers, total views and live viewership for your updated videos.

Key Features:

  • It offers extremely easy set up with flexible user interface.
  • Twitch is compatible with almost all popular video streaming utilities.
  • It circulates content from professionals as well as from hobbyists.
  • Video playlists are accessible.
  • It can be accessed for free.
  • Turbo account on twitch provides access to extra chat rooms, exclusive emoticons and rich functionality.


3- Mixer:


Unique and niche than the other platforms, Mixer allows its live game streaming users to mix and match with co-creators or other like-minded users on the platform. The platform provides co-streaming as an option where a maximum of four users can stream their content at a time.

Key Features:

  • A better Xbox One experience
  • Co-streaming that makes broadcasting more social
  • A more interactive way to watch
  • A rewarding XP system

4- Smashcast

Azubu and Hitbox are no more. Both streaming platforms have officially combined and rebranded into Smashcast, which declares itself “the world’s largest independent esports broadcaster outside Asia”. With focus on eSports, the service announced new features, such as the “Hype-o-Meter” (a viewer engagement feature that helps eSports fan cheer for their favorite teams), a feed on every profile page, and an integration with Discord.

Key Features:

  • support your favorite team with the Esports Hype-o-Meter
  • The Feed allows streamers to keep viewers updated
  • New Mini Video Player
  • New Discord Integration

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