Cyberpunk is real future, future Cities will look like Cyberpunk

by NKS

It is to be expected that you know what Cyberpunk is. Cyberpunk is an upcoming, role-playing video game, full name Cyberpunk 2077.

The main reason for discussing the game is its outlook and ideas about the future world. The game raises a lot of questions, such as will our future world be like Cyberpunk? What if the future world is like cyberpunk? Is cyberpunk, our future? Will cyberpunk events really happen in the future?


So, as we see in a sci-fi movie, a lot of skyscrapers, floating vehicles, people and cyborgs, advanced weaponry, cybernetic technology, cyberpunk have just put all those things in the game. But the thing that is different from the movie is that we see the movie from the director’s point of view, but the game has given us the freedom to look at the future world as ourselves. So it has naturally taken up a lot of space in our subconscious, and we somehow want our future to look like the world of this game.

But the question is cyberpunk our future? Or will our future society be like cyberpunk? The answer is not quite unknown. If we look at the present world we can realize that it is not so far when our world will look like the world of that game.

The second question is, what happens if the future is like cyberpunk? But first, let’s clear a few concepts of the game. As you may not know, every living person and computerized object in the game is connected to a central software or system.  People have no disease or illness. Any damaged part of the body can be replaced with new ones. However, with beneficial points, there are some harmful things like Virus files that can be uploaded to the human body such as a computer.

If our future is like this, a lot of thoughts can be given. Crime rates can either be very high or very low. If a hacker hacked the central system, it could cause serious problems like killing all the people at once, just like the Thanos Snap. The country’s financial system can be broken in a few moments.

Another question is, Will cyberpunk events really happen? There is a huge difference between the real future and the imagined future, but it is not hard to say that Cyberpunk events will arrive sometime in the future. Honestly, in my opinion not all, but some of them will occur. For example, people can transmit their consciousness into computers.


Cyberpunk takes place in dystopian Night City, but our future world may or may not be dystopian, which means that in the future, some part of our world which will look like Cyberpunk, events like this game may happen there but in the utopian city, situations like this may not occur

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