Things you should know before playing Watch Dogs: Legion

by NKS

The story of Watch Dogs-1& 2 is completely different except for a few things and you don’t need to play these two games, for playing Watch Dogs: Legion. Those who have played these two previous games will have no problem in following the concept of Watch Dogs: Legion, but if you have not played those, you will have little difficulty. The Watch Dogs: Legion is set to release in 2020, so, I think you need to know some details about the Watch Dogs so that you can enjoy the Watch Dogs: Legion better.

Who is Blume Corporation?

They describe themselves as “world’s foremost innovator of high-tech, high-performance communications and security technology”. Blume Corporation develop software named CTOS that controls everything from wireless phones, operating systems, home computers to network security systems. Of course, Blume Corporation uses this feature to its advantage by selling user information, patterns to companies.

What is CTOS?

Developed by Blume Corporation, the CTOS, or Central Operating System is a computer system designed to maintain the Chicago City inside the Watch Dogs game. Many systems are attached and regulated by CTOS, such as subway lines, traffic lights, and surveillance cameras. CTOS also succeeds to collect and store data of Chicago residents.

What is DedSec?

DedSec is a secret hacking group in the Watch Dogs series. Some of their most noteworthy members include Clara Lille, Marcus Holloway, and his troupe of hackers which include Wrench, Sitara, Josh, and until his death, Horatio. The main target of this group is to bring Blume’s real intentions to the forefront of people and bring back the privacy of the user.

Who are NPCs?

NPCs stand for newly playable characters in Watch Dogs: Legion. This is the biggest innovation that watchdogs Legion gives us. If you’re expecting a gritty generic hero with a shady past and grizzled voice then get that out of your head. The main character is anyone, you see in the world. Every single NPC can be your protagonist if you choose them to be.

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