Gerard Pique Girlfriend Clara Chia Cheated Him With Pep Guardiola

Gerard Pique is a former Spanish football player. The player was recently seen with Clara Chia at a music festival. Thus, Gerard officially announced about them being in a relationship.

But this does shock a whole lot of fans. It is because Pique recently got out of the 11 years long relationship. He was dating Shakira before dating Clara Chia.

gerard pique bio
Gerard Pique is a former Spanish football player
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After dating for 11 years, Gerard and Shakira were blessed with two sons named Milan and Sasha. Even bearing a child together, they stated two get separated.

They also stated that they want some privacy and don’t want to get bothered. All this happened in June 2022 and they remained silent about it thereafter.

But soon something created raucous among Gerard’s fans. It is because after just two months after separating from Shakira, Gerard was seen with someone else.

She was none other than Clara Chia Marti. In August 2022, the couple was spotted. Gerard was questioned about his relationship with Marti.

Answering that, Gerard officially made out and disclosed his being in a relationship with Clara Chia Marti. Thereafter, they have been seen together multiple times.

But lately, something was off about the lovey-dovey. They are almost to celebrate the first anniversary of their relationship. So what has happened to the newly lovey-dovey?

Gerard Pique Girlfriend Clara Chia Marti Cheating Him With Pep Guardiola

According to some sources, it has come up that, Gerard Pique’s new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti is cheating on him with a Spanish professional footballer manager, Pep Guardiola.

gerard pique and clara chia began dating in august 2022
The couple Gerard Pique and Clara Chia began dating in August 2022
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It was shocking for whole both Gerard and Gerard fans to know about it. She came to get a present for Gerard just four months after their relationship anniversary.

Both the couple is silent about this right now but it might be a lot going on inside Gerard’s mind. But the question is, when are they gonna stay silent as fans are waiting for some reply over this issue?

Who is Clara Chia Marti?

Clara Chia Marti is a model. She was born on 7th February 1999 in Barcelona, Spain. Besides modeling, Chia is also a PR Student.

Chia took all the chances being in a relationship with Gerard and tour many places in just eight months of the time frame.

Marti announced her relationship with Gerard through her Instagram on 25th January 2023. You can check her Instagram account here.

Pep Guardiola is a Married Man

Yes, you heard that right. He is married for more than nine-year now to Crist Serra. The couple even shares three children named Maria, Valentina, and Marius Guardiola.

pep guardiola with his wife cristina serra and children maria, valentina, and marius guardiola
Pep Guardiola together with his wife Cristina and children Marius, Valentina, and Maria holds a trophy
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Listening to the news of being cheated might have been heartbroken for Serra. It would have been the most unexpected thing that ever happen to her life.

This news has destroyed not one but four lives. Everyone will stand out but Serra is the one who has been impacted the most among all three.

Final Thoughts

Surely the Pep fans are not happy about this. They need some statement on this. So both Gerard and Pep fans are eagerly waiting for their declaration.

Therefore, there is yet some statement to come from all parties. So, we cannot determine what will happen next. So stay with the site to get all the updates.

Playersaga will be happy to share the outcomes of the news. Thus, it will be updated as soon as possible.

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