Henry Cejudo Family: Parents, Siblings, Wife, Children

Henry Cejudo family includes Angel Cejudo, Nelly Cejudo, Jorge Cejudo, Ana Karolina, Maria Cejudo, Gloria Cejudo, and Alonzo Cejudo. 

henry cejudo with his family
Henry Cejudo with his wife Ana Karolina along with his daughter Maria Cejudo
Image Source: Instagram

In like manner, Henry is an American professional mixed martial artist and freestyle wrestler. The 36-year-old man, Henry is the former Bantamweight Champion and UFC Flyweight Champion.

In addition, he is recognized as the first person to win an Olympic gold medal and a UFC Title in his career.

In the following article, we’ll be focusing more on Henry Cejudo family biography in detail.

Henry Cejudo Parents 

Henry Cejudo Father Jorge Cejudo

Jorge Cejudo is the father of the popular American professional freestyle wrestler, Henry Cejudo. Being the father of the professional wrestler, Jorge was a very abusive partner as well as a parent.

His father, Jorge was jailed after he threatened his family that he would kill all of them. There is quite less information available regarding his personal life.

Henry Cejudo Mother Nelly Cejudo

Henry Cejudo mother’s name is Nelly Cejudo. The beautiful mother, Nelly is the mother of the four children. Namely Henry Cejudo, Angel Cejudo, Gloria Cejudo, and Alonzo Cejudo.

All of their kids along with her mother has to reside in different places in the Los Angeles area. Their whole family had to suffer from their father’s violence. This was all happening because of his drug and alcohol intake.

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When her son, Henry became four years old, Nelly along with her children moved to New Mexico. Again, the whole family relocated to a new place in Phoenix, Arizona.

In Phoenix, Maryvale they used to live in poverty. Henry’s mother, Nelly used to do multiple works in her life to survive and feed her children. Henry’s family has to go through lots of struggles in their life.

Being a single parent, his mother, Nelly has raised their kids. All of her kids are independent and are successful in their careers. Well, there is no more information available regarding her age, height, education, and many more.

Henry Cejudo Siblings

The American professional MMA, Henry Cejudo has grown up alongside three siblings. His siblings’ names are Angel Cejudo, Gloria Cejudo, and Alonzo Cejudo.

Moreover, his brother, Angel is an American freestyle wrestler. He won the Dave Schultz Memorial International freestyle wrestling tournament in a 60 kg weight class.

After Angel’s win, he continued his wrestling profession at the Riches Wrestling Complex to help his brother, Henry Cejudo.

Henry Cejudo Wife

Ana Karolina is the wife of Henry Cejudo. Professionally, Karlina is a Brazilian model and social media influencer. On 17th September 2021, the beautiful couple, Henry Cejudo and Ana Karolina walked down the aisle.

ana karolina age
Ana Karolina is 26 years old
Image Source: Instagram

On 10th October 1996, Ana Karolina was born. Presently, Ana Karolina age is 26 years old. Her birth took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ana holds Brazilian nationality along with a white ethnic descent.

Henry Cejudo Children

The couple share a single child together. Ana Karolina became the mother of a beautiful daughter. Their daughter’s name is Maria Cejudo.

Maria was born in the year 2021. Presently, Maria Cejudo age is two years old.

Henry Cejudo Relationship With His Family

The relationship between his parents ended up when his mother moved to New Mexico. Their happily married life was ruined because of his alcohol addiction and drug abuse.

Being a Mexican immigrant, Jorge and Nelly came to the United States of America. The couple had to go through a very tough time. His parents and children’s relationship wasn’t a healthy relationship.

Although the famous wrestler, Henry was close to his mother and siblings. They all had a strong and inseparable bonding together.

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