IPL vs PSL: Reasons Why PSL Is Better Than IPL In 2023

The brand value of IPL is $11 billion as of 2022. There is glitz, glamour, and high-octane cricket. But the debate of IPL vs PSL is always building up.

chart showing the price comparison for players in ipl and psl
Chart showing the price comparison of players in IPL and PSL.
Image Source: The Express Tribune

The question of whether IPL is better than PSL is better has never left the discussion. The Indian fans are willing to uplift IPL while Pakistani fans are more interested in PSL. Today we will talk in detail about why IPL vs PSL battle is long-lived.

Reasons Why PSL Is Better Than IPL| IPL vs PSL

  • Players Development Program

The first important factor in IPL vs PSL is the player development program and open trials. In the case of IPL, although teams tend to scout out the players, there is no open trial system.

For PSL though, the open trial system has been a huge help for the team. There is the presence of an open trial in IPL but it isn’t very useful.

On the other hand, the open trial method has helped teams to find out the raw talent, and groom them for the betterment of Pakistan cricket. PSL wins the battle here over IPL.

  • International Superstars

The main reason to perform the tournaments like IPL, PSL, and BBL is to find international superstars. In IPL vs PSL debate, PSL has been able to produce some genuine talents for international cricket.

The best bowlers in international white-ball cricket come from Pakistan. In the case of batting as well, PSL has given some of the fine young talents who have ruled the game.

Haris Rauf, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Shadab Khan, Hasan Ali, Shahnawaz Dahani, Mohammad Haris, Azam Khan, etc are some of the finest examples.

In the case of IPL, they haven’t been able to replicate it. One finding is Jasprit Bumrah has not been able to live up to the fitness expectations as well.

  • Quality of Pace Bowlers

IPL vs PSL debate comes to the right holder with the fast bowling department. There is no comparison of the quality of fast bowlers PSL has given with respect to IPL.

Every fast bowler that has come from PSL can bowl above 145 kph which is the key to the discussion. For IPL they have Jasprit Burmah and Umran Malik.

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Comparing that to PSL, Haris Rauf, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Inshaullah, Abbas Afridi, Mohammad Hasnain, and Naseem Shah, the list just goes on.

The major focus for IPL has been on the quality of hitters in the white ball game that comes through. But the fast bowler conundrum has not been fulfilled to this point.

  • Duration of the tournament

Time is king in every aspect of life. With so much cricket around the globe, longer tournaments are never the go-to.

the trophy of ipl and psl
The trophy of IPL and PSL.
Image Source: CricTracker

For IPL though, it is a very long tournament. From IPL 2023, there will be more than two months that will come into contention for the completion of the tournament.

As the tournament gets lengthy the interest goes down. On the other hand, PSL runs for a month with six teams and high-octane cricket.

IPL has ten teams in contention and each team playing two games tends to make the whole tournament lengthier. This is a massive backdrop for IPL moving forward.

  • Quality over quantity

The quality present in PSL is similar to that of IPL. In IPL vs PSL battle, the players that grace PSL are of high octane be it in performance or also the price.

In the case of IPL, the players are paid massive amounts to be part of the team. But the same players come along in Pakistan to play the game for a lesser price.

Be it the likes of Hales, Narine, Russell, Rashid, Wiese, etc can be easily available in PSL. By this norm, we can say that PSL is able to bring better quality.

PSL doesn’t highly emphasize the price being paid to the players. Rather they are keener to work on the skillset of the players and make their tournament more compelling.

  • Redevelopment of Cricket in Pakistan

The last yet compelling reason why IPL vs PSL battle is won by PSL is due to the reasoning behind the tournament.

PSL has some of the finest talents. However, the premier reason why the tournament started in the first place was to bring back games to Pakistan.

It was after the success and reach of cricket in PSL, ICC was compelled to give Pakistan to give hosting rights as well.

The infamous 2009 attack incident did move the cricketing fraternity. However, the game has been played in the right spirits and Pakistan is termed to be a peace-loving nation.

One of the best fans in the world who love their game is Pakistan. The rise of cricket in Pakistan through PSL has played a major role in why ICC was intact to provide the hosting rights to Pakistan.

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