Is Kenny Smith Married? Are Kenny Smith and Aline Bernardes Dating?

Kenny Smith is a well-known retired professional basketball player who is an analyst. As he works tireless, Kenny Smith net worth is on the rise. With his personal life being discussed much of every fan is willing to know is Kenny Smith married.

kenny smith with his kids
Kenny Smith with his kids.
Image Source: Heavy

The question might be who is actually the present wife of Kenny Smith. There are a variety of rumors as to who the retired basketball player is dating. We will put more light on is Kenny Smith married or not.

Is Kenny Smith married?

The love life of Kenny Smith has been moving around places. Not once but the basketball player has been married twice. The first wife of Kenny Smith is Dawn Reavis.

There is little information on how Dawn and Kenny met each other. However, the pair have shared kids too.

They have a son named K.J. and a daughter named Kayla. Although everything was going brilliantly between the two, the pair decided to part ways.

The second time around, he found someone pretty famous. Gwendolyn Osborne and Kenny Smith met each other at a charity event in 2004.

It was a fundraiser event and they were hard to be separated. Since then the love birds started to date each other.

It was early in September 2006 when Kenny and Gwendolyn decided to walk down the aisle. The wedding of Kenny Smith and Gwendolyn was no short of lavish.

Stevenson Ranch in California hosted the event with some of the biggest guest being part of it. Gwendolyn was laced with the pale blue couture dress and it looked charming on Gwendolyn.

Interestingly, Gwendolyn, is a celebrated model who came to fame from The Price is Right. There was no looking back after that.

Similar to Kenny, Gwendolyn was also married previously. Since being together Kenny and Gwendolyn gave birth to kids.

They have two children from the marriage. London is the name of the daughter while Malloy is their daughter. Everything was going brilliantly as the pair were part of reality shows as well.

Kenny Smith and Gwendolyn Osborne’s Divorce

Sadly things didn’t work out too well for both of them. It was in October 2018 when Gwendolyn and Kenny Smith walked the road of divorce.

After filing for the divorce, Gwendolyn asked for the back support. The pay amount was termed to be $1,000,000 and also the properties were purchased together.

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In the end, Kenny had to only pay $16k every month for child support. The custody of the kids was a joint responsibility.

Besides, Kenny and Osborne had to take the therapy sessions on parenting so that things would be easier. Both of them even split the cost of the therapy.

There was imminent love between the two. Therefore, Gwendolyn also returned the BMW of Kenny. Meanwhile, the retired basketball player even got the opportunity to keep his home.

Kenny Smith Girlfriend| Who Is Kenny Smith Dating?

Regarding the question of is Kenny Smith married, things have taken some weird turn. After finding some serious heartbreak in two of the relationship, he has taken the route of love.

kenny smith with his rumoured girlfirend Aline Bernardes
Kenny Smith with his girlfriend Aline Bernardes.
Image Source: Opoyi

He is currently dating the likes of Aline Bernardes. There might have been no official confirmation from the pair but the news is true.

Kenny and Aline were seen together having some private at Miami Beach. It was Twitter that snapped the love birds together.

Aline is a 34-year-old glamour and swimwear model who has gained popularity on social media.

Following the images being circulated on Twitter, Aline has taken time to post the image of Kenny on her Instagram.

However, the diva went on to delete the image later. This shows there is something fishy cooking up. Playersaga will keep the readers updated about any fresh news on both of them.


Is Kenny Smith married?

Yes Kenny Smith has been married twice. He is also currently dating Aline.

How many kids does Kenny Smith have?

Kenny Smith has a total of four kids. Kenny Smith Jr, Malloy Adrian Smith, London Olivia Smith and Kayla Brianna.

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