Jai Hindley Parents: Gordon and Robyn Hindley

Jai Hindley parents are Gordon and Robyn Hindley. They both were very supportive of Jai and let him be whatever he wanted and supported his decisions.

Gordon on the other hand was born in the UK but later moved to Australia while Robyn was a Australian native. They both come from two different regions and yet vibe in each other company.

gordon and robyn hindley cheering jai hindley
Jai Hindley parents cheering for him
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In some of the interviews, they have explained how much they are proud of his son. And Jai himself sometimes talks about his parents being supportive.

In this article, the readers will know about Gordon and Robyn Hindley and their long-lasting relationship. So let’s go through the article and know more about them.

Jai Hindley Parents: Gordon and Robyn Hindley

Father Gordon Hindley

Jai Hindley father, Gordon Hindley comes from a White ethnic background. He was born in Manchester, UK, and later moved to Australia for a better future in 1989.

From an early age, Gordon was very active and loved watching road cycling. Thus, he from an early age wanted to become a professional cyclist himself.

Hindley making his way up through all the training, got an opportunity to participate in road racing. In 1996, Gordon took part in professional cycle racing and retired from cycle racing in 1983.

In those 17 years of his career, Gordon made some fascinating history. And since he comes from cycle racing himself, it was easy for him to teach all the things to Jai.

Mother Robyn Hindley

Jai Hindley mother, Robyn Hindley is originally from Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia. Like her husband, she also comes from a white ethnic background.

Robyn from the start was very supportive of Jai. When Jai wanted to quit cycling for a year, Robyn was there to help convince his father and made him play a team sport.

jai hindley mother hugging him
Jai Hindley and his mother’s emotional moment
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Thus, Jai was then seen playing rugby and as soon as the year was completed, he was back on track, said Robyn Hindley in one of the interviews.

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According to Robyn Hindley, Jai is very proud of having them as his parents. Besides that, he is also get overwhelmed by the people of Australia as they pour all their love into him.

Likewise, Robyn and Gordon watched Jai’s first race in a Minix Box. And it was a mixed flow of their emotion while watching Jai for the first time racing.

Gordon Got Married to Robyn in the 1990s

In 1989, Gordon Hindley departed for Perth, Australia. And that is when Gordon cross path with Robyn Hindley. Robyn on the other hand helped him with the obstacles in Australia.

In the process of knowing each other, Gordon and Robyn fell for each other and got into a relationship. They dated for some time and later got married.

In the early 1990s, Gordon got married to Robyn Hindley. They were in their late 30s when they got married and are happily married since then.

Gordon and Robyn have Two Children Together

Gordon and Robyn have been blessed with two sons, Jai, and Kaly Hindley. Kaly is the firstborn child of the Hindley family, whose birthdate is not known at the moment.

The second child, Jai Hindley was born on May 5, 1996, in Perth, Western Australia, Australia. He is currently 27 years old and is a successful professional cyclist.

Who is Jai Hindley?

Jai Hindley is an Australian professional cyclist. He is playing for the team UCI WorldTeam Bora-Hansgrohe since 2022 and will be playing for them for some time.

Hindley turned professional in 2016 and in just a few years he is renowned himself in the world. Winning grand tours was the major reason behind his success as a cyclist.

The seven years of his career have brought many fortunes to him. As of 2023, Jai Hindley’s net worth is $1 million. He earned all this from being a cyclist.


Where was Jai Hindley born?

Jai Hindley was born in Perth, Australia, on May 5, 1996.

How tall is Jai Hindley?

The professional cyclist, Jai Hindley is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

How heavy is Jai Hindley?

Hindley is around 60 Kg.

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