Jason Day Children: Dash James, Lucy Adenil, Arrow Joseph, and Oz Nilo

The Australian professional golfer, Jason Day children are Dash James Day, Lucy Adenil Day, Arrow Joseph Day, and Oz Nilo Day. Jason Day and Ellie Harvey are the parents of their four children.

jason day is expecting their fifth child
Jason Day and Ellie Harvey are expecting their fifth child
Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, the couple became the proud parents of three sons and one daughter. All of their children are born in the gap of three years. Additionally, the romantic couple showers love to their kids.

The PGA Tour winner, Jason Day, and his beloved partner, Ellie Harvey loves spending time together with their kids. In recent times, the couple along with their kids are residing in Westerville, Ohio, United States.

Before the birth of the third son, Arrow Joseph Day, Ellie had a miscarriage in December 2017. After a month, Ellie posted about her miscarriage on her social media account.

In addition, on February 22, 2023, Ellie Harvey announced her pregnancy news on her Instagram account. The gorgeous mother of four children, Ellie Harvey and Jason Day are expecting their “fifth child”.

“So….Instead of posting what I have captured the last few months, I’m just doing this. 😬🫣 a good explanation for my absence. 🤢 In what can only be explained as a miracle, just trust me on this, baby five is coming this summer. This was not in our plans at all, but obviously the Lord wanted to show us for the millionth time He is the one who will establish our steps. I am still wrapping my head around it honestly but I am anxious to see who He saw fit to add to our family. 🤍🙏🏼”

In the following article, we’ll be focusing on Jason Day children bio, age, parents, and relationships in detail.

Jason Day Children

Jason Day Son Dash James Day

Jason Day and Ellie Harvey became the father and mother of their firstborn child. Ellie gave birth to her first son, Dash James Day.

Dash James was born in the year 2012. Presently, Dash James Day age is 11 years old. Dash Day is the older brother of three siblings.

Jason Day Daughter Lucy Adenil Day

In November 2015, the professional golfer, Jason, and Ellie became the parents of a sweet little baby. Both of them became the parents of a cute lovely daughter.

jason day with his family
Jason Day with his wife Ellie Harvey along with their four children Dash James Day, Lucy Adenil Day, Arrow, and Oz Nilo Day
Image Source: Instagram

Jason and Ellie daughter’s name is Lucy Adenil Day. Currently, Lucy Adenil age is seven years old.

Jason Day Son Arrow Day

Jason Day and Ellie Harvey welcomed their third child together into this beautiful world together. Ellie became the mother of an adorable baby boy, Arrow Joseph Day.

Arrow Joseph is the third child born on November 3, 2018. He was born at 7.26 a.m. Their third baby, Arrow Joseph was born 2.5 weeks early.

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When a pregnant lady gives birth to a baby before the delivery date many complications could arise. But, in Ellie Harvey’s case, there was nothing to worry about, and the baby was born healthy.

Ellie was overwhelmed to see her boy, Arrow. As of 2023, Arrow Joseph Day age is three years old.

Jason Day Son Oz Nilo Day

Jason Day fourth son name is Oz Nilo Day. Oz Nio is known to be the youngest child in their family. According to Ellie’s Instagram post, Oz Nilo Day was born in June 2021. 

jason day with his wife ellie harvey
Jason Day and Ellie Harvey sitting together
Image Source: Instagram

His name has been kept in the memory of Jason’s grandfather. The newly born baby, Oz Nilo weighs around 8 lbs 2oz, at the time of birth. Presently, the baby has grown up. Oz Nilo Day’s age is two years as of now.

The elegant lady, Ellie also stated that Oz Nilo is similar to his father, Jason. He is a cuddly, happy, and shy baby.

Jason Day Relationship With His Children

The former number-one golfer, Jason Day has a close bonding with his children. More often, the couple is seen sharing pictures of their child on social media networks.

The family man, Jason Day and Ellie Harvey are expecting their fifth child. Jason Day wife, Ellie Harvey has shared some glimpses of pictures of their fifth child.


How many children does Jason Day have?

Jason Day has four children. Namely Dash James Day, Lucy Adenil Day, Arrow Joseph Day, and Oz Nilo Day.

Are Ellie Harvey and Jason Day expecting their fifth baby?

Yes, the couple, Ellie Harvey and Jason Day are expecting their fifth child. Ellie shared the picture of her fifth baby arriving this summer.

Who are in Jason Day family?

Jason Day family consists of eight members. Namely, Ellie Harvey, Dash James Day, Lucy Adenil Day, Arrow Joseph Day, Oz Nilo Day, Kim Day, and Yanna Day.

Who is Jason Day wife?

Jason Day wife is Ellie Harvey.

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