Jim Larranaga Family: Parents, Wife, Children

Jim Larranaga family consists of five children. Jim is an American college basketball coach. Presently, he is the head coach of the University of Miami Hurricanes men’s basketball team.

jim larranaga married his wife liz larranaga
Jim Larranaga married Liz Larranaga in 1971
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Jim Larranaga is also known as James Joseph Larranaga. He has spanned his career as head coach in Miami for more than decades.

Before that, Jim served in Bowling Green, George Mason, and American International. He has earned many awards in his career. Such as 2x ACC Coach of the Year, 2x CAA Coach of the Year, Henry Iba Award, and many more.

Today, in this article, we’ll be covering about Jim Larranaga family in brief.

Jim Larranaga Parents

Eileen Larranaga (mother) and John Larranaga (father) are the parents of Jim Larranaga. His mother, Eileen conceived Jim on 2nd October 1949. The basketball coach, Jim was born in the Bronx, New York, United States.

jim larranaga with his oldest son jay larranaga
Jim Larranaga with Jay Larranaga together in a picture
Image Source: Miami Herald

His parents have welcomed their six children together into this world. Likewise, Jim Larranaga is one of six children in his family. All of their children have grown up in the Bronx.

Moreover, Larranaga’s grandfather hails from Cuba to Basque parents. In addition, his grandfather is part of the Por Larranaga Cigar Company.

There is quite less information available regarding his parents’ profession. However, it is found that Jim’s father, John was a midlevel insurance executive.

Similarly, his mother was dependent on her husband and used to take care of their children. Jim’s parents have four grandchildren. Namely, Tia, James, Jon, and Henry.

Jim Larranaga Wife

Jim Larranaga wife is Liz Larranaga. The beautiful lady, Liz hasn’t disclosed much about her personal life in front of the media.

Professionally, Liz is a former loan officer and a real estate agent. Before tieing the knot, both of them met in the Bronx during the 1960s. Well, at that time, Liz and Jim were unknown to each other.

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At Bronx Irish Center, both of them had attended community dance. Jim starred the beautiful girl, Liz there. Eventually, they met a few times more. Then, Jim asked Liz to go out on a date with him.

Furthermore, after being in a long-distance serious relationship. Both of them committed to being together forever.

Finally, Liz walked down the aisle with Jim in the year 1971. The love birds had an intimate private wedding ceremony. It was held in the Bronx, New York.

Jim Larranaga Children

The couple, Liz and Jim are blessed to be the proud parents of two children. Their children’s names are Jon Larranaga and Jay Larranaga.

On 30th January 1975, the oldest son, Jay was born. As of 2023, Jay Larranaga’s age is 48 years old. His birth name is James Joseph Larranaga Jr. He is an American professional basketball coach.

jim larranaga age
Jim Larranaga is 73 years old
Image Source: ESPN

Besides this, Jay is also a former player who serves on the staff of the Los Angeles Clippers. He was an NBA player for the Boston Celtics. Jim’s son, Jay has been working as a coach since 2008.

As of 2023, Jay Larranaga’s height is 6 feet 5 inches or 1.96 m. His body weighs around 87 kg or 192 lbs. He married Sarah Larranaga in 2017.

Jim and Liz’s second child, Jon was born on 19th April 1980. At present, he is 43 years old. Jon has played for Araberri Basket Club in Spain-LEB Silver and Benetton Treviso of ITA-1.

He is a former collegiate basketball player at George Mason. The talented personality is a partner with the Meltzer Group. Moreover, he married Elyssa Hijazi Larranaga.

FAQ About Jim Larranaga Family

Is Jim Larranaga married?

Yes, Jim Larranaga is a happily married man. He tied the knot with Liz Larranaga.

How old is Jim Larranaga?

The basketball head coach, Jim was born on 2nd October 1949. As of 2023, Jim Larranaga age is 73 years old.

What colleges did Jim Larranaga coach at?

Jim Larranaga had coached at the University of Miami Hurricanes, Bowling Green, George Mason, and American International.

Where is Jim Larranaga from?

Jim Larranaga hails from the Bronx, New York, United States.

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