Who Are Jimmy Butler Parents? Jimmy Butler Sr. and Londa Butler

Jimmy Butler parents are Jimmy Butler Sr. and Londa Butler. Likewise, Jimmy Butler is an American professional basketball player. He plays for the Miami Heat of the NBA.

The NBA player, Jimmy Butler is recognized as a six-time NBA All-Star, five-time NBA All-Defensive Second Team honoree, and an Olympic Gold Medalist.

jimmy butler net worth
Jimmy Butler net worth is $65 million
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Recently, in this year 2023, Jimmy led the eight-seeded Heat to their second NBA Finals in four years. He was also named Eastern Conference Finals MVP.

In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on Jimmy Butler parents rather than Jimmy Butler.

Jimmy Butler Parents

Jimmy Butler Father Jimmy Butler Sr.

Jimmy Butler father is Jimmy Butler Sr. Regarding his father, there aren’t many details available related to his personal life as well as professional life.

But, it is believed that Jimmy Butler Sr. was also born in Houston, Texas. He was known to be a working-class man. There are many rumors which are been circulating on the internet.

The Miami Heat basketball player, Jimmy Butler most of his fans believe that Michael Jordan is the biological father of Jimmy. However, the speculation made by his fans is not true.

Jimmy Butler Mother Londa Butler

The Miami Heat star, Jimmy Butler mother is Londa Butler. Mrs. Butler hasn’t shared much about her personal life on social media. She completed High School in Texas at Lone Star College.

jimmy butler age
Jimmy Butler is 33 years old
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After completing her study, Jimmy’s mother was willing to become a medical office receptionist. Recently, she has been working as a caregiver in the same city where Jimmy Butler used to reside.

Jimmy Butler, Jordan Leslie, and Shanique Dickerson are the siblings of the NBA player.

Jimmy Butler Relationship With His Parents

Speaking about the relationship between Jimmy Butler and his parents was not so strong. Jimmy Butler parents were not supportive of their children.

As we all know, when Jimmy was 13 years old, his mother, Londa kicked him out of the house during that time. He also stated in one of the interviews that Jimmy Butler, Londa didn’t like the look of him.

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In addition, Jimmy’s father has abandoned the family when Jimmy Butler was just an infant. During his childhood, Jimmy had to struggle a lot. Even though he maintains a close relationship with his family.

In despite of such things, Jimmy didn’t hold any grudges. Jimmy says that he loves his family a lot. While he went to study in High School, Jimmy met Jordan Leslie there.

Both of them became close friends and Jordan invited Jimmy into his own home and often used to reside there with his family.

There Jimmy Butler meets Michelle Lambert who used to live with six children including Jordan’s stepfather. Jimmy Butler used to refer to his mother, Michelle Lambert. Michelle is known to be his adoptive mother.

FAQ About Jimmy Butler Parents

Who are in Jimmy Butler family?

Jimmy Butler family includes Jimmy Butler Sr., Londa Butler, Michelle Lambert, Kaitlin Nowak, Rylee Butler, Shanique Dickerson, Terry Osborne, and Jordan Leslie.

Is Michelle Lambert related to Jimmy Butler?

Yes, Michelle Lambert has played an important role in the life of Jimmy Butler.

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