Joe Torre Daughters: Andrea, Lauren, and Christina Torre

Joe Torre daughters are Lauren, Christina, and Andrea Torre. Joe was blessed with three daughters from two wives. He was previously married to Jackie Torre.

Joe Torre with his daughter andrea rae daughter
Joe is on a date with his daughter Andrea, and they are having ice cream
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However, their marriage didn’t work out and Joe end up marrying Alice Wolterman. Joe has two daughters from Jackie and one from Alice.

This article is all about Joe’s daughters. The readers will know about Andrea, Christina, and Lauren in depth. So let’s get through the article.

Who are Joe Torre Daughters?

Joe Torre daughters are very precious to him. He has married twice till now and has welcomed three daughters from two marriages.

From the first marriage of Joe, he was blessed with Lauren and Christina Torre while from another marriage he was blessed with Andrea Rae Torre.

Lauren Torre

Lauren Torre was welcomed by the couple Joe Torre and Jackie Torre. She is the first daughter of the couple.

Lauren has a great bond with her sister Christina however, they don’t have any contact with her step-sister Andrea.

Christina Torre

The couple Joe Torre and Jackie Torre welcomed their second daughter Christina Torre into the family. After a few years of her birth, Joe and Jackie divorced each other.

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On 20th June 2013, Andrea became the headlight of many news channels. On the previous day, Andra catch a falling baby from the building while she and Lauren were having a sip of coffee.

After this incident, Andrea was on the radar of many media for several days. Currently, there is nothing much is heard about her.

Andrea Rae Torre

Joe Torre daughter, Andrea Rae Torre is the third daughter of the Torre family. Andrea was born to a couple of Joe Torre and Alice Wolterman.

Andrea is the only child of the couple. She has been doing great on her making her career. Being the only daughter of the family, Andrea is seen a lot with Joe and Alice in the media.

Behind the making of Joe Torre’s Instagram, she has helped him. Joe never forgets to talk about her whenever he gets the chance.


Joe Torre

Joseph Paul Torre is an American professional baseball executive. He has remained a baseball player previously.

The former baseball player, Joe was born on 18th July 1940 in Brooklyn, New York. He is currently 83 years old and holds the nationality of America.

Joe began playing professional games on 25th September 1960 and today, he had not left the side of baseball. Thus, as of now, Torre net worth is $60 million.

Alice Wolterman

The baseball executive, Joe Torre is married to Alice Wolterman. The couple got married on 23rd August 1987 in St. Patrick Cathedral.

It has become more than 35 years of Joe and Alice’s marriage. However, the couple has been blessed with only one daughter named Andrea Rae Torre.

Both Joe and Alice together have established a foundation named The Joe Safe At Home. This foundation focuses on preventing domestic violence.


Who is Joe Torre wife?

Joe Torre is married to Alice Wolterman. He was previously married to Jackie Torre and welcomed three children with her while with Alice, he has only one.

How much money does Joe Torre make?

Joe Torre has an estimated earning of $7.5 million annually. Likewise, his net worth is $60 million.

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