Who is Jonny Bairstow Girlfriend? Relationship, Dating Rumors

Jonny Bairstow girlfriend has been a hot topic for cricket fans. So breaking the silence, Jonny Bairstow is in a relationship with an English lady.

He has been dating his girlfriend for quite some time now and welcomed a new member in the family. Thus, they are taking things to the next level before marriage.

The talented cricket player has always been very private when it comes to his personal life. Yet, there is some proof that tells, Jonny is no more single.

jonny bairstow is 34 years old as of 2023
Jonny Bairstow turned 34 in 2023
Image Source: Instagram

On the other hand, Jonny is an English cricket player. He has come very far with his performance over the past decade and gaining fame all over the world.

In this article, the reader will get to know about Jonny Bairstow girlfriend and his relationship with Tomlinson. So let’s go through the article to explore Jonny’s relationship.

Is Jonny Bairstow Dating Someone?

Jonny Bairstow has been rumored to be dating English actress, Eleanor Tomlinson. But they never accepted the rumor and Tomlinson was seen dating Will Owen in 2020.

Thus, the question, “Who is Jonny Bairstow girlfriend?” always remained constant in Jonny’s life. Jonny on the other hand has never shared about his personal life in public.

But recently, Bairstow shared a story on his Instagram which has shocked the world. He writes, “Delighted to share with you that my girlfriend and I have welcomed Edward Bairstow into the world! What an amazing time ahead! They are both doing brilliantly. ❤️”.

This has created havoc among the fans, and they wanted to know about his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Jonny has been successful in keeping his girlfriend’s identity private.

Jonny Bairstow’s Relationship with Eleanor Tomlinson

Jonny Bairstow and Eleanor Tomlinson‘s relationship has always been controversial. And everything started between them when they were spotted in a private cabin of Aintree in 2018.

jonny bairstow lifting weight in the gym
Jonny Bairstow working out in the gym
Image Source: Instagram

On that specific day, the rumored couple was seen flirting with each other and spent almost five years together. While getting off the place, Jonny asked Tomlinson for a date, which Eleanor turned down.

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And thus, they were never seen together thereafter. The rumor turned out to be false when Tomlinson announced her relationship with Will Owen. Therefore, Jonny and Eleanor were never in a relationship together.

Who is Jonny Bairstow?

Jonathan Marc Bairstow is an English cricketer. He was born on September 26, 1989, in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Jonny is 34 years old and holds the nationality of England.

Jonny is the son of David and Janet Baristow. He was raised by them along with his siblings, Andrew and Rebecca Bairstow, and made tons of memories.

Likewise, Bairstow’s cricket career began in 2008 and the career took speed in 2009. He has now been playing cricket for 15 years now and is known in the cricket world.

After accumulating all the assets of Jonny, his net worth is around $8 million. Most of the Bairstow earnings are from cricket while playing for a team.


Does Jonny Bairstow have a child?

Recently, Jonny Bairstow girlfriend gave birth to a baby boy, Edward Bairstow.

What age is Jonny Bairstow?

Jonny Bairstow was born on September 26, 1989, and is 34 years old.

Who is Jonny Bairstow girlfriend?

Jonny Bairstow has been dating an English lady. They have been dating for some time and even have a baby together. Yet, Jonny has not shared about his girlfriend.

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