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Louise Bonsall is a famous household name in the footballing world. She is none other than the wife of famous English superstar Michael Owen.

Furthermore, Louise and Michael, Victoria and David Beckham are among the hottest and most desired couples on the English side.

Moreover, Louise is a very private and confidential person about her personal and private life. She has not shared much about it in the media and social platforms.

louise bonsall profession
Louise Bonsall is a professional Horse Dressage
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Meanwhile, on the other hand, Michael Owen is one of the top English players to ever play for the English side.

He is the only English player to ever win the Ballon d’Or to this date which is an achievement in itself.

However, Michael is a retired professional footballer as of now. He played from the year 1996-2013. During the time period of that time, Michael won many trophies and personal accolades.

Down in the following article, we will discuss the relationship between Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall.

Who is Louise Bonsall?

Louise Bonsall is a very famous celebrity wife of the greatest English player Michael Owen.

She is very famous and a household name in the British and English media.

How did Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall meet?

Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall had a typical relationship just like any other football superstar. They usually are married to their childhood friends from back in their hometown.

It is a similar story here with Michael and Louise. The two of them met each other for the first time during their primary school days.

michael owen and louise bonsall marriage
Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall got married on 24 June 2005
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Michael saw Louise for the first time in 1984 while studying at Hawarden High School in Flintshire, Wales.

During their first meeting with each other, the two of them instantly hit off and became the childhood sweetheart.

Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall Marriage

Since the day of their meeting, Michael and Louise have always been together. Louise was always by the side of Michael no matter what the circumstances were and supported him.

Even during his time in the Spanish capital, Real Madrid as it was really hard for Michael to settle in and Louise supported him back then.

Furthermore, they decided to get engaged back on 14 February 2004 when Michael was still playing for the English side, Liverpool.

Michael and Louise got engaged on Valentine’s Day just like any other typical British couple.

Interestingly, it was also the birthday of Louise, and she also got the perfect gift for herself. The man she dreamt of spending all of her life.

Eventually, they got married the following year on 24 June 2005 at the beautiful Carden Park Hotel in Chester, Cheshire.

However, originally they had other plans for their wedding as they were deciding to get married at their home.

But, changed their plans when they were informed that if a license was granted for a marriage ceremony the venue must be made available for other weddings for three years.

Hence, Michael and Louise decided to get married in a registered office and arranged a grand reception the next day at home.

Louise Bonsall and Michael Owen Kids

Furthermore, Louise and Michael are parents to four children. Their first daughter’s name is Gemma Rose Owen and was born on 1 May 2003.

Gemma was born two years prior to the wedding of Louise and Michael. Meanwhile, they became parents for the second on 6 February 2006 as Mrs.Owen gave birth to a son named James Michael Owen.

michael owen and louise bonsall eldest daughter
Michael Owen and Louise Bonsall eldest daughter Gemma Rose Owen was a runner-up in the British TV reality show called Love Island
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Similarly, their third child was born a year after the birth of James, her name is Emily May Owen. The birthdate of Emily is 29 October 2007.

And lastly, their younger child’s name is Jessica Owen, she was born on 26 February 2010.

Michael Owen’s Daughter on a British Reality TV Show: Love Island

In June 2022, Michael Owen became the laughing stock all over the internet, when his eldest daughter Gemma Rose decided to take part in the reality show.

Gemma Rose who was 19 years old then, joined the ITV reality show called Love Island.

It’s a sizzling summer series based on a group of single who comes together in a stunning villa in Las Vegas, ready to embark on a summer of dating, romance, and ultimately, relationships.

During the show, Gemma Rose finished second place but won the heart of many show lovers worldwide.

The joining of Gemma Rose into the show brought immense viewership as football fans all around the world were curious about her antics.

Louise Bonsall Bio

Louise Bonsall is not a typical Wag as described by the media. In fact, she is a very passionate woman who loves rescuing animals, especially horses.

Furthermore, Louise Bonsall currently resides in Flintshire, North Wales with her family.

She has bought a beautiful Lower Soughton Manor where she keeps her husband’s cars and her horses.

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Likewise, Louise is known for enjoying the finer things and is regularly seen on five-star holidays and wearing designer outfits.

Meanwhile, talking about her love for horses. Louise started riding horses at the age of seven years.

She and her brother Andrew Bonsall used to take a lesson during the weekends. Eventually, Louise grew a love for horses and even tried to be professional.

However, Louise suffered a horrible injury in 2004 which was also the worst moment of her life.

As it was not the first injury, she also suffered a broken femur after being thrown away by the horse at the age of 15 years old.

Social Media Presence

Louise Bonsall is pretty much active on the social media platform. She has an Instagram profile where she uploads a snap of herself.

The following are her social media handler:

Instagram: 54.3k followers

Who is Michael Owen

Michael James Owen also formally known as Micahel Owen. He is an Englished former professional footballer who played for top clubs like Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle, and Manchester United.

Michael Owen is also the only English player to ever win the prestigious Ballon d’Or award. He won it in the year of 2001.

He is regarded as the greatest striker to ever grace the Premier League and is the top scorer for the Liverpool side.

Michael Owen has won every possible trophy for his club except for the World Cup and Euros with the national side.

michael owen net worth
Michael Owen net worth is $68 million as of 2023
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Moreover, Michael Owen was born on 14 December 1979 in Chester, England to father Terry Owen and mother Jeanette Owen. As of 2023, Michael is 43 years old.

Likewise, Micahel height is 5 feet 8 inches, and weighs around 70 kg. He has an athletic body even after retiring from football.

Furthermore, Michael has beautiful green pair of eyes and light brown hair color which is the reason why Louise Bonsall fell in love with him.

As of 2023, Micahel Owen net worth is $68 million. Thanks to his successful football career.

FAQs About Louise Bonsall

What does Louise Bonsall do for a living?

Louise Bonsall is a Horse Dresser and that’s what she does for a living.

Is Michael Owen still married to Louise?

Yes, Michael Owen is still married to Louise Bonsall.

Who is Gemma Owen’s mother?

Louise Bonsall is the mother of Gemma Owen.

Does Michael Owen have a wife?

Yes, Michael Owen does have a wife, her name is Louise Bonsall.

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