Luke Richardson Daughters: Daron-Ann Richardson and Morgan Richardson

The two-time ice hockey world champion, Luke Richardson is blessed with two daughters named Daron-Ann Richardson and Morgan Richardson.

luke richardson daughter daron-ann death
On 13th November 2010, Luke Richardson daughter, Daron-Ann passed away at the age of 14
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Luke got married to Stephain Ann Richardson and welcomed two beautiful daughters. However, everything was scattered for the family after the death of Daron-Ann.

This article is all about Luke Richardson daughters. The readers will find all the available detail on Daon-Ann and Morgan. So, let’s get going.

Who are Luke Richardson Daughters?

The Canadian former professional ice hockey player, Luke Richardson is married to Stephanie Richardson. The couple has been blessed with two daughters named Daron-Ann and Morgan Richardson.

However, Daron-Ann is no longer with them as she passed away at the age of 14 by hanging herself. The parents took her to hospital, but it was already late.

Morgan Richardson

The two times ice hockey world champions Luke Richardson, Morgan Richardson is the eldest daughter of the family. She was born on 17th June 1994 in Ottawa, Canada.

Morgan is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 67 kg. She has a pair of hazel eyes and long brown hair.

Like her father Luke, Morgan devoted herself to playing ice hockey as well. She began and got a tutor in ice hockey from her father. Richardson then began playing ice hockey in high school days.

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Morgan achieves a lot in her ice hockey career from playing in the high school team to playing in the under-18 national team. She came far with her outstanding performance.

In August 2011, Richardson played against the USA under-18 team. Currently, there is no information about her if she is still pursuing her ice hockey career.

Daron-Ann Richardson

The second child of a Canadian former ice hockey player, Daron-Ann Richardson was born on 8th February 1996 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Daron-Ann was on the verge of becoming the best ice hockey player like her father. But the dream was left behind forever.

On 13th November 2010, Daron-Ann Richardson passed away. She tied to hang herself and in that process, she was hurt badly and was taken to the hospital.

By the time her parents took her to the hospital, Morgan was already considered dead. This was a heartfelt moment for the family.

According to some sources, behind Morgan’s suicide was her bad mental health. Thus, the Richardson family decided to raise awareness about teen mental health.


Father Luke Richardson

Luke Glen Richardson is a Canadian former ice hockey player. He is currently holding the position of coach for the team Chicago Blackhawks.

Luke was born on 26th March 1969 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He is 54 years old and is 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Being the coach of the Chicago Blackhawks, Richardson in receiving $1.5 million per season. As of 2023, Luke’s net worth is $5 million.

Mother Stephaine Ann Richardson

Stephaine Ann Richardson is the wife of the Canadian coach, Luke Richardson. Both of them met during their high school days and eventually made it this far.

In 1989, Luke got married to Stephaine Ann Richardson. It has become more than 34 years of their marriage and still going strong as ever.

Stephaine is a homemaker and spent her life after marriage looking after her children. She devoted herself to making family life better.


How old was Daron Richardson when she died?

The Canadian ice hockey player Luke Richardson daughter, Daron-Ann Richardson died at the age of 14 by hanging herself.

What is Luke Richardson’s salary?

Luke Richardson is bound with a contract for four years with the Chicago Blackhawks and will be receiving $1.5 million for a season.

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