Marcus Stroman Parents: Earl Stroman and Adlin Auffant

Many peoples want to know about Marcus Stroman parents. His parents are a topic of interest for many people nowadays. Well, Marcus Stroman parents are Earl Stroman and Adlin Auffant. But before delving into this topic, let us know who Marcus Stroman is.

Marcus Stroman is a professional baseball player who hails from the USA. Antoine is a very talented player who is well-known as a pitcher. Throughout his career, Marcus has played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for various teams.

Marcus Stroman with his father
A childhood picture of Marcus Stroman with his father, Earl Stroman.
Image Source: Twitter

He is very well-known for his impressive pitching skills, particularly his arsenal of pitches. Also, he has a great ability to induce ground balls. His professional baseball journey started when he joined Toronto Blue Jays in 2014.

Furthermore, he is currently playing for the Chicago Cubs in the MLB. Similarly, he represented Puerto Rico national baseball team in the World Baseball Classic 2023.

In this article, we will discover Marcus Stroman parent bio, marriage, and relationship.

Marcus Stroman Parents

Marcus Stroman’s Father, Earl Stroman

Marcus Stroman’s father’s name is Earl Stroman.  He belongs to the African American ethnic background. Likewise, Earl Stroman is a highly respected and dedicated police detective.

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Furthermore, he is currently serving in the esteemed Suffolk County Police Department. It is located in New York, USA. He has earned a reputation as a skilled investigator within the law enforcement community.

In addition to that, Marcus’s father, Earl, also has an athlete background. He played semi-professional basketball during his early days. He is a big fan of basketball games.

However, his marriage life did not end up quite nicely. Earl Stroman was married to Adlin Auffant. Sadly, they separated from each other when Marcus was just studying in 5th class. Despite their divorce, both of them made sure that it did not negatively affect their children.

Marcus Stroman Mother, Adlin Auffant

Marcus Stroman’s mother’s name is Adlin Auffant. She belongs to Puerto Rico descent. Marcus has a very deep love for his mother. After his parents divorced, Marcus started living with his mother.

Marcus Stroman with his mother
A beautiful picture of Marcus Stroman celebrating his Gold Glove Award with his mother, Adlin Auffant.
Image Source: Yahoo Sports

However, Marcus is not the only child of Adlin and Earl. Marcus grew up alongside his two siblings. He has a brother, Jayden Stroman, and a sister, Sabria Stroman.

In terms of her profession, Adlin currently works as a professional nurse. She is a woman with great love for his children. Unfortunately, there is not much information about her past life.

Marcus Stroman’s Relationship With his Parents

Throughout his life, Marcus Stroman has had a very good relationship with his parents. Even though he lived with her mother, he has great respect for his father also. In an interview, Marcus said that his father is his inspiration. He admires his values and beliefs a lot.

Furthermore, Marcus has had a tough time growing up. His mother and father focused very hard on his school and education life. They also sent him to Duke University. They wanted their children to have the best possible education.

Similarly, Marcus was very interested in baseball since his childhood. When he told his parent about his dream to play baseball professionally. They supported him without any hesitation.

Marcus Stroman’s Age, Height, Net Worth

Marcus Stroman is a baseball player who was born on May 1, 1991. Likewise, he was born and raised in Medford, New York, USA.

Furthermore, Marcus Stroman is currently 32 years old. The 32-year-old player stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall. Likewise, Marcus Stroman has a weight of around 81 kg (180 pounds).

Moreover, Marcus is currently dating a beautiful lady, Shannon Ndaj. She is a bikini model and social media influencer. However, they even did not share a picture of them together on their social media. Further, he also has a son, Kai, with his girlfriend Shannon.

In terms of his ethnicity, Marcus is of Mixed ethnic background. Likewise, he holds American nationality.

As of 2023, Marcus Stroman has a net worth of $6 million.

Marcus Stroman’s Instagram: 565k followers

FAQ About Marcus Stroman Parents

Where are Marcus Stroman parents from?

Marcus Stroman parents are Earl Stroman and Adlin Auffant. His father, Earl, is an African American whereas his mother is a Puerto Rican.

What is Marcus Stroman ethnicity?

Marcus Stroman belongs to a Mixed ethnic background.

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