Who is Mark Wood Brother? Relation Between Luke Wood and Mark Wood

Many people are eager to know about Mark Wood brother. There are many Wood players in cricket. Thus, this has created much confusion among the fans about his brother.

This article will help readers to find out the true identity of Mark’s brother. First, let us know who is Mark Wood. Wood is an English cricketer who began playing professional cricket in 2015.

mark wood age
Mark Wood is 33 years old
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This player has given many game-changing performances over the years. Currently, he is playing in the IPL in the team Lucknow Super Giants.

On the other hand, Wood is a married man. He is married to Sarah Lonsdale and has a cute son named Harry Wood. The family is living their best life together.

Who is Mark Wood Brother?

Mark Wood is a famous bowler who has ruled out some of the biggest matches in cricket. He is considered one of the fastest bowlers out there.

luke wood age
Luke Wood is 27 years old
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The fact there are so many Wood cricket player have raised many questions about Mark Wood’s brother. So who exactly is Mark’s brother?

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Mar doesn’t have any brothers. He is considered to be the only child to be born in the Wood family. Thus, he never got the opportunity to play with his siblings.

Is Luke Wood Related To Mark Wood?

No, Luke is not related to Mark Wood to any extent. Since both of them share the caste, which confused the fans who wondered if they are related anyhow.

Luke is a cricketer and plays for his country England and numerous franchises. He first played his professional match against Sussex in September 2014.

Mark and Luke Wood have played for the same franchise previously. They came out to be good together but unfortunately, they didn’t remain together in the same team for long.

mark wood net worth 2023
As of 2023, Mark Wood net worth is $18 million
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Since there is a rise in Luke being Mark Wood’s brother, which came to be false. But Mark does have a relative who has played professional cricket before.

Mark’s uncle Neil Wood is the only related person to Mark who has played cricket. Besides that, there is no single entity playing cricket, and is related to Wood.


Who does Luke Wood play for?

Luke Wood plays for various franchises such as Melbourne Stars, Trent Rockets, Bengal Tigers Cricket Club, and many more.

What is the average speed of Mark Wood?

The average speed of Mark Wood is 149.02 km/h.

Where was Mark Wood born?

Mark Wood was born in Ashington, United Kingdom.

How old is Luke Wood?

Luke Wood was born on 2nd August 1995 and is 27 years old.

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