Matt Hardy Brother Jeff Hardy Net Worth, Arrest, Controversy

Matt Hardy has been able to win three world championships until now. He has been a talented and canny wrestler. Similar is the case with Matt Hardy brother.


jeff hardy was arrested for dui on 13th june 2022
Jeff Hardy was arrested for DUI on 13th June 2022.
Image Source: Wrestling News

Jeff Hardy is the name of Matt Hardy brother who was once a talented wrestler himself. Sadly things didn’t go out pretty well for him. This article will focus more on Matt Hardy brother, Jeff.

Jeff Hardy: Biography

Full Name Jeffrey Nero Hardy
Net worth $12 million
Date of birth 31st August 1977
Birthplace North Carolina, USA
Age 46 years
Sun sign Virgo
Father name Gilbert Hardy
Mothers’ Name Ruby Moore Hardy
Height 6 ft 2 inches
Weight 100 kgs
Nickname The Artist, The Daredevil
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Eye color Hazel
Hair Color Black
Profession Wrestler, Musician
Partner Beth Britt
Children 2
Marital Status Married
Social Media Presence Instagram
Last update on May 2023

Who is Matt Hardy brother?

Matt Hardy brother Jeffrey Nero Hardy is a former wrestler and also a musician. Currently, Jeff is associated with All Elite Wrestling and continuing his career.

Matt Hardy Brother Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy was born on 31st August 1977 in North Carolina. His parents’ names are Gilbert and Ruby Moore Hardy.

Jeff had a tough time growing up when his mother passed away at the age of 9. Matt Hardy brother had an interest in motocross and also played baseball in high school.

jeff hardy age is 46 years old
As of 2023, Jeff Hardy age is 46 years old.
Image Source: Instagram

Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy grew up together and signed for Wrestling in 1998. Both of the Hardy brothers were signed to RAW.

Jeff Hardy has been active in the wrestling world since the late 19th century. The talented wrestler even parted ways with his brother Matt in 2002.

Matt Hardy brother had a tough outing at times. Talking about his WWE records, Jeff has been able to win eight world tag team championships to go with 6 world champion titles.

He is also the winner of the TNA world heavyweight championship thrice. This shows that the achievement of Jeff has been brilliant.

As the career of Jeff Hardy has been flourishing his personal life has also been good. Meanwhile Jeff Hardy net worth is on the steep rise too.

Matt Hardy Relationship with Brother Jeff Hardy

Unlike Edge and Christian who aren’t real brothers, Matt and Jeff Hardy have been together since childhood.

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Both of them have been biological siblings and share a great bond. Matt Hardy has been openly in awe of his brother and his achievements.

Jeff Hardy Might Not Return to Wrestling

Matt Hardy brother, Jeff has always been open about his intentions. According to Matt, his brother Jeff might not return to the wrestling arena.

Jeff was found guilty in a drug case for a DUI offense. Jeff was arrested on 13th June 2022 which made things tougher for the brother pair.

As Jeff was arrested, AEW went forward and suspended him. Things went from bad to worse when Matt Hardy brother was cut off the pay as well.

Jeff Hardy was found to be in substance abuse. The AEW association also stated that Jeff should come back after rehab to have any chance of having his name.


Is Matt and Jeff Hardy brothers?

Yes, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy are biological brothers.

What happened to Matt Hardy brother?

Matt Hardy brother Jeff Hardy has been charged with a DUI offense. Jeff was arrested and later suspended by AEW.

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