Who are Maya Brady Parents? Maureen Brady and Brian Timmons

Maya Ann-Brady-Timmons also known as Maya Brady is an American softball player. However, she has not turned professional as of now.

Currently, Maya plays for the University of California college team UCLA Bruins.

Furthermore, Maya Ann-Brady has had a pretty good start in her softball journey. She was named the Softball America Freshman of the Year in 2020.

maya brady height
Maya Brady height is 5 feet 8 inches
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Since joining the team, Maya has helped her team lead to multiple college championships.

The reason behind Maya Brady’s early success in softball is her parents. So in this article, we will discuss Maya Brady parents major role in her career.

Maya Brady parents are Brian Timmons and Maureen Brady. They had major leverage over Maya’s career options and her growth in softball.

Here, we will also discuss the relationship between Maya Brady parents and the softball prodigy herself.

Maya Brady Parents

Maya Brady Father Brian Timmons

Maya Brady father’s name is Brian Timmons. He was a former mechanical retailer from California, US.

Brain Timmons was born on the month of May as per the Instagram post of Maya Brady.

Furthermore, Brain Timmons left his job as a mechanical retailer to pursue his career as a researcher at McMaster University.

Maya Brady Mother Maureen Brady

Maya Brady mother’s name is Maureen Brady. Just like her daughter, Maureen was also a professional softball player.

During her playing career, Maureen was a standout college player and earned All-American honors as a pitcher at Fresno State in 1994.

maya brady with her mother
Maya Brady enjoying the weekends with her mother Maureen Brady
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Furthermore, Maya is not the only child of Maureen Brady who is into sports. She has another daughter named Hannah Brady who is as gifted as Maya.

As of now, Hannah Brady is a junior volleyball player and plays for the Sunshine VBC.

On the other hand, Maureen Brady is the daughter of the talented football player Tom Brady Senior. She was born on 7 June 1947 in San Mateo, California.

Growing up, Maureen Brady had three siblings, a twin sister, and a brother.

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Nancy Brady and Julia Brady are twin sisters whereas her young brother is a talented football player Tom Brady.

Maya Brady relationship with her parents

Maya Brady has a very good relationship with her parents despite being separated.

Maureen Brady and Brian Timmons separated in August 2010, and Maureen took custody of Maya and her sister Hannah.

In addition, Maya was very mature despite being nine years old only. She handled the situation very well and focused on her career as a softball player.

Maya Brady’s mother played a  major role in Maya’s growth in sports. She herself was a professional softball player.

As a single parent, she poured her heart and soul into nurturing Maya Brady.

Maureen Brady Uncle, Tom Brady

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Junior also known as Tom Brady is a former American football quarterback.

He used to play for the NFL team New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

During his 23 seasons of NFL career, Tom Brady won seven Super Bowl championships.

maya brady with her uncle tom brady
Maya Brady with her legendary uncle Tom Brady
Image Source: Instagram

Similarly, Brady is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. Not only that but according to Forbes, Tom is the 9th highest-paid athlete globally.

As of 2023, Tom Brady’s net worth is $512 million.

FAQs About Maya Brady Parents

Who is Brian Timmons?

Brian Timmons is the father of American softball pitcher Maya Brady.

Why is Maya Brady’s last name not Timmons?

Maya Brady last name is not Timmsons because she has taken the last name of her mother Maureen Brady.

Who is Maya Brady parents?

Maya Brady parents are Brian Timmons and Maureen Brady.

Is Brian Timmons Tom Brady’s sister Maureen husband?

Yes, Brian Timmons is the ex-husband of Tom Brady’s sister Maureen Brady.

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