All About Michael Jordan Siblings: 2 Brothers And 2 Sisters

Michael Jordan siblings are James Jordan Jr., Deloris E. Jordan, Larry Jordan, and Roslyn Jordan. His brother Larry Jordan is also a former professional basketball player. Larry played for Chicago Express during his basketball career.

michael jordan with his siblings
Michael Jordan with Deloris Jordan along with four siblings James Jordan Jr., Deloris E. Jordan, Larry Jordan, and Roslyn Jordan
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Michael Jordan is a former American professional Basketball player and is considered the greatest basketball player of all time. He was seen as a great talent from his first season in NBA. He was compared with some of the legends of the game just by his first game in the NBA.

In this following article, we will look closely at the life of Michael Jordan siblings.

Michael Jordan Siblings

Michael Jordan Brother James Jordan Jr.

James Jordan Jr. is the oldest sibling of Michael Jordan and is also known by his nickname Ronnie. James was born in 1957 and is currently 66 years old.

Being the oldest child of the family, James had some pressure of helping his family. Later in 1975, following his father’s footsteps, James joined the U.S. Army.

During his time in the U.S. Army, he ended up doing three tours of duty in Iraq and reached the rank of command sergeant major in the Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps before retiring.

Michael Jordan Sister Deloris E. Jordan  

Deloris E. Jordan is the second oldest Michael Jordan sibling and is the oldest daughter of the family. Deloris was born in 1959 and is currently 64 years old. According to reports, Deloris had a hard time growing up.

Deloris tried to kill herself twice but failed on both occasions. On top of that, she has been divorced twice. Deloris currently lives in Pennsylvania and has three children.

After the murder of her father, Deloris decided that she will reveal all the past family issues. Later she wrote a book named In My Family’s Shadow: Sister of Sports Phenomenon Michael Jordan. She published the book in 2001. The most shocking revelation from the book was about the alleged sexual abuse she suffered from her father.

Michael Jordan Brother Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan is the middle child of the family and was born in 1962. The older brother of former basketball star Michael Jordan, Larry Jordan, is a successful American businessman and retired professional basketball player.

During his time in college, he played basketball for North Carolina A&T State University. He later played professionally in the World Basketball League.

michael jordan brother larry jordan
Michael Jordan with his elder brother Larry Jordan together in a picture
Image Source: Essentially Sports

Jordan began working for the Charlotte Bobcats in 2011 and was granted the role of team director of Larry personnel after two years. He received a promotion to Vice President of Player Personnel in 2021.

Michael Jordan Sister Roslyn Maria Jordan

Roslyn Maria Jordan is the youngest child of the family. She was born in 1964 and is currently 59 years old. Roslyn chose to become a writer. She and her sister Deloris wrote the books “Salt in His Shoes” and “Did I Tell You I Love You Today?” together.

She also wrote two children’s books, “Did I Tell You I Love You Today?” and “Michael’s Golden Rules,” together with her mother. Another Jordan company, which is no longer in business, was founded and led by Roslyn. She currently lives in Chicago.

Michael Jordan Relationship with His Siblings

Despite the natural competition that comes with having four older siblings, Michael Jordan’s siblings are close and have a positive relationship. MJ credits his success in basketball to his brother Larry.

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Additionally encouraging their kids to follow their interests, their parents gave them support. Jordan’s mother, Deloris, pointed out the value of supporting one another at events and at celebrations, which made it easier for the family to share in one another’s successes.

FAQs about Michael Jordan siblings

How many sisters does Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan has two sisters named Deloris E. Jordan and Roslyn Jordan.

Who is Larry Jordan?

Larry Jordan is the older brother of Michael Jordan.

Who are Michael Jordan’s parents?

Michael Jordan parents are James R. Jordan Sr. (father) and Deloris Jordan (mother).

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