Michael Phelps Kids: Boomer Phelps, Beckett Phelps, Maverick Phelps, Expecting Fourth Baby

Michael Phelps kids names are Boomer Robert Phelps, Beckett Richard Phelps, and Maverick Nicolas Phelps. The former American swimmer, Mr Michael has three beautiful sons with his wife Nicole Johnson. Professionally, he is recognized as a famous American former competitive swimmer.

michael phelps fourth child
Michael Phelps and his wife Nicole Johnson are expecting their fourth child to arrive in the year 2024
Image Source: Instagram

Moreover, his interest in swimming grew when he started to learn swimming at the age of 11 because his mother wanted him to learn it. Phelps became the youngest male to make the Olympic swim team. He is one of the most celebrated swimmers of his generation.

Nicole Johnson husband, Michael has bagged hundreds of medals from all over the world including dozens of gold medals. He also holds multiple world records under his name. Michael is often considered the greatest athlete of all time. Apart from swimming, he is also a very good golfer.

In this article, we have gathered some information about Michael Phelps Kids ages, relationships, and much more detail. 

Michael Phelps Kids

Michael and Nicole have been in an on-and-off relationship since 2007. They first met at the ESPYs in the year 2007. The former Miss California USA, Nicole Johnson is Michael Phelps’s biggest supporter and cheerleader. She helped him tackle depression and ADHD.

Michael dealt with depression for a very long time and even today, she suffers occasionally. However, the former swimmer is determined to prepare his sons for any difficulties or discomfort that might come in their life.

The couple tied the knot secretly on 13 June 2016. After four months, Michael and Nicole’s relationship has not been reported publicly. They have a beautiful family together.

In addition, they are blessed to be the parents of three adorable sons, Boomer Phelps, Beckett Phelps, and Maverick Phelps. On October 30, 2023, the beautiful couple made an announcement that Michael and Nicole were expecting their fourth child. Michael Phelps fourth baby will be arriving in the year 2024. 

Boomer Robert Phelps

Boomer Robert Phelps is the first son of the Phelps family. Boomer was born on May 5, 2016. He is seven years old now. Michael posted some pictures wishing him on his birthday. Bommer is the eldest child of the couple so it was quite overwhelming for them. However, his arrival brought happiness to Michael and Nicole’s life.

michael phelps and nicole johnson blessed with their third son
On September 9, 2019, Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson were blessed to be the proud parents of Maverick Nicolas Phelps along with their two kids Boomer Robert Phelps and Beckett Richard Phelps
Image Source: Instagram

Boomer was just 3 months old when he traveled to Brazil to watch his father in the Olympics. In that Olympics, Michael won five gold and one silver medal. As he retired after the Olympics, he was too excited to be with his son all the time and make tons of memories.

Beckett Richard Phelps

Beckett Richard Phelps was born on February 12, 2018. As of 2023, Beckett Richard Phelps age is five years old. He was born two years after Boomer. The second child of the lovely couple, Beckett is known to be a happy and delightful kid. His smile lights up the room. His cuteness cannot be measured and is an excited kid.

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Beckett was just 11 months old when he was featured in an ad campaign alongside his famous father. The ad was about water-friendly diapers and who could have done it better than the swimmer’s son. He does everything like his elder brother.

Maverick Nicolas Phelps

Michael and Nicole Phelps third son, Maverick Nicolas Phelps was born on 9 September 2019. As of now, Maverick Nicolas Phelps age is four years old now. The couple welcomed their third child just one year after their second child’s arrival. All three of them are very close to one another.

All three kids dress up in elf costumes during Christmas. The Phelps family enjoys festivals together. Not only festivals, they make sure to have their dinner together. They all share a beautiful bond.

Is Michael Phelps and Nicole Phelps Expecting a Fourth Baby?

The adorable pair, Michael Phelps, and his gorgeous wife, Nicole Johnson are the parents of three sons. A few days ago, the couple shared good news with their fans. On October 30, 2023, the diva, Nicole made an announcement of expecting their fourth baby via Instagram.

michael phelps family
Michael Phelps and his gorgeous wife Nicole Johnson along with their three kids Boomer, Beckett, and Maverick Phelps enjoying their vacation together
Image Source: Instagram

Michael Phelps wife, Mrs Nicole captioned “A memory from Oct 29 over the last 7 years with you @m_phelps00 (I couldn’t find 2019s pic ?) Happy Anniversary to my best friend, hubby, and partner through life ❤️ I couldn’t have asked for anyone better!” she wrote in the caption.”

She also added, “For those that are wondering… yes! We’re expecting our 4th Phelps in 2024 ????”.

Michael Phelps Relationship With His Kids

Michael shares an amazing bond with his kids. He is determined to provide his kids with all the love, care, guidance, discipline, and affection. When Michael retired he eagerly claimed that he wanted to spend as much time as he could with his kids. Phelps captioned one of his photos calling his tiny munchkins, his little sharks.

Further, Phelps’ family loves spending time outdoors. Michael and his kids often go to beaches, picnics, treks, movies, and restaurants. They even take multiple international trips every now and then. Michael loves swimming with his kids. He once said that he would not force his kids to become a swimmer. That shows how considerate he is of his kids’ choices.

The handsome man, Michael spends most of his time with his kids. He once said in an interview that his kids really help him tackle depression and anxiety.

The talented former swimmer, Phelps wants his kids to learn discipline yet feel free to express themselves. He teaches his kids to be polite yet fight back against the odds. Michael Phelps is a loving and daring father to his little kids. He is truly a role model to his babies.

Social Media Presence

Boomer Robert Phelps Instagram

Instagram: 510k followers 

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FAQs About Michael Phelps Kids

Is Michael Phelps a millionaire?

Yes, Michael Phelps is a millionaire. As of 2023, Michael Phelps net worth is $100 million.

How old are Michael Phelps kids?

Michael Phelps kids ages are Boomer Robert Phelps seven years old, Beckett Richard Phelps five years old, and Maverick Nicolas Phelps four years old. 

When will Michael Phelps fourth baby born?

On October 30, 2023, Michael and his wife, Nicole announced that they were expecting their fourth baby. It is expected that Michael Phelps newly born baby will be arriving in the year 2024.

At what age did Michael Phelps retire?

Michael Phelps retired at the age of 31 in the year 2016.

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