Mollie King Parents: Stephen King And Susan King

Many peoples are very eager to know about Mollie King parents. Currently, a lot of people are showing an interest in the parents of this individual.

Well, Mollie King parents are Stephen King and Susan King. But before delving into this topic, let us know who Mollie King is.

Mollie King is a very famous personality. She is a multitalented lady who is a singer, model, and media personality. She is also well known for being a member of the British-Irish girl group “The Saturdays.”

Mollie King with her Fiance, Stuart Broad and daughter, Anabella Broad
Mollie King with her daughter, Anabella Broad, while giving a surprise visit to Stuart Broad during his match.
Image Source: Instagram

However, the group was formed in 2007. Likewise, their group becomes very popular in the UK with several hit singles and albums. Aside from that, she expanded her horizons by venturing into the world of fashion and modeling.

Many brands and magazines were attracted to her like a magnet. It is because of her unique style and natural elegance. Not only that, but she was also a contestant in the BBC One dance competition show in 2017. The show is famously known as “Strictly Come Dancing“.

In this article, we will discover Mollie King parent bio, marriage, and relationship.

Mollie King Parents

Mollie King’s Father, Stephen King

Mollie King’s father’s name is Stephen King. He was a very kind-hearted person and a good husband. Throughout his life, Stephen always supported her daughter in her ups and downs in life.

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Furthermore, Stephen has also played a very crucial role in Mollie’s professional career. Sadly, he passed away tragically in 2022. He was suffering from a brain tumor since August 2022. Who knew that he will be no more in just a month?

One week before this sad news, Mollie gave birth to her first child, Anabella Broad. He did not even get the chance to play with his adorable granddaughter.

Mollie King Mother, Susan King

Mollie King’s mother’s name is Susan King. Likewise, Mollie is very close to her mother, since all the daughters and sons are. It is because a mother’s love is very different from a father’s love.

Furthermore, Stephen and his beautiful wife, Susan, had three adorable children together. Their family became a beautiful family of five members. But all of them are gorgeous daughters, Mollie King, Laura Ann, and Ellen Catherine. They do not have any sons in the family.

Similarly, Mollie was born and raised in Wandsworth, London, England. She grew up alongside her two older sisters, Laura and Ellen. However, Mollie is the youngest daughter of Stephen and Susan and completes her family.

Mollie King’s Relationship With his Parents

Throughout her life, Mollie had a very good relationship with her parents.

Even though, Mollie and Stephen have three daughters. They equally showered their love, support, and care for them.

Mollie King’s Age, Height, Net Worth

Mollie King is a multitalented lady who was born on June 04, 1987. Likewise, Mollie is a talented lady who was born and raised in Wandsworth, London, England. Mollie King is currently 36 years old.

Furthermore, Mollie stands at an average height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm). Similarly, she weighs around 51 kg (112 pounds). Likewise, her body measurement is 34-24-34 inches. Overall, just like her voice and style, she also has a very good body figure.

Now talking about her love life, Mollie is currently engaged to a famous cricketer, Stuart Broad. Stuart proposed to her with a beautiful diamond ring on the occasion of the New Year in 2021.

Moreover, Mollie King belongs to a White ethnic background. Likewise, regarding her nationality, she is a British citizenship holder.

As of 2023, the 36-year-old songwriter, Mollie King, has a net worth of $5 million.

FAQ About Mollie King Parents

Who is Mollie King’s parents?

Mollie King parents are Stephen King and Susan King. Sadly, her father passed away due to a brain tumor in 2022.

Who did Mollie King marry?

Mollie King is not married yet. However, she is currently engaged to a famous English cricketer, Stuart Broad.

Where was Mollie King born?

The famous singer, Mollie King was born in Wandsworth, London, England.

What is Mollie King’s net worth?

As of 2023, Mollie King has a net worth of $5 million.

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