Neilson Powless Parents: Jen Allred and Jack Powless

Neilson Powless parents are the reason behind Neilson and Shayna’s successful cycling career. They both saw their father competing in triathlons and wanted to become like him one day.

Therefore, Jen and Jack both took their children’s dreams seriously and began training them. Eventually, both Neilson and Shayna turned out to be professional cyclists.

neilson powless mother jen allred and his sister shayna powell
Jen Allred and Shayna Powless having a fun time together in 2017
Image Source: Instagram

Likewise, Shayna is playing for the team Sho-Air TWENTY20 while Neilson is playing for the team EF Pro Cycling. Both teams are in professional cycling games.

In this article, the readers will know about Jack and Jen and how they end up together. So let’s go through the article to know about them closely.

Neilson Powless Parents: Jen Allred and Jack Powless

Neilson Powless and Jen Allred are Neilson Powless parents. Both have earned many achievements in history and their children are also on the same page.

Neilson and Jen couldn’t be more proud of their children. The hard work they did for the good is paying out, in a wonderful way. And Neilson and his sister can be the prime example for the future.

Mother Jen Allred

Jeanette M. Allred-Powless is a Guamaina former long-distance runner. She was born on December 17, 1961, in Los Angeles California. Currently, Jen is 61 years old.

Being born in Los Angeles, Jen had a pretty good childhood and completed her high school in the same city. For further study, she got enrolled at American River College.

After graduating from there, Allred again got enrolled at California State University in Northridge and graduated. Thus, she never stopped learning and getting extra knowledge.

Later, Jen again got enrolled at two universities, one at the University of North Florida and another at California State University in Sacramento consecutively.

She from an early age was a very active person and getting into racing was no less than a passion. Working her way up, and becoming a better version of herself every day, she got an opportunity to play in the Olympics.

Jen then was seen competing in the 1992 Summer Olympics and later in seven World Athletics Championships in the women’s marathons. She couldn’t grab any medals in the Olympics, but this was not the case for South Pacific Games as she grabbed three gold medals and a silver.

Winning four medals for the country, Jen got retired from running any more marathons. Thus, she chose to be a coach to make more incredible runners.

Currently, there is no information if Jen is doing anything financially. However, she is just there looking at her children making progress in their respective games.

Father Jack Powless

Neilson Powless father, Jack Powless was born in America and thus holds American nationality. He is nearly the age of his wife Jen, 61, and both make a perfect couple.

Jack on the other hand is a retired US Air Force. He joined the Air Force when he was in his 20s and walked on the journey of doing something for his country. He served in the US Air Force for 20 years.

neilson powless and his father jack powless celebrating father day in 2016
Neilson celebrating Father’s Day with his father, Jack in 2016
Image Source: Instagram

While serving the country, he also goes an opportunity to learn about building engineering. So, he learned everything about building engineering from the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin.

In the US Air Force, Jack was an airplane mechanic, but later he chooses to get lean, and so he began doing cardio. In the process of doing cardio, Powless came across triathlons and was involved in the race for four years.

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Cycling as a cardio was fun for him and thus wanted to go into racing as well. “I just decided I wanted to do a triathlon and started training for that. … I wanted to get a coach, so I could learn how to swim properly because I was never a competitive swimmer.,” Jack said.

Besides that, Jack also got involved in Ironman seven times. Likewise, all the members of the Powless family are tough contenders in endurance games. The readers can connect with Jack Powless through his Instagram.

Jack Powless Got Married to Jen Allred in the 1990s

Jack Powless and Jen Allred-Powless crossed each other paths in Gaum. Shortly after meeting, the couple began dating and are together since then.

In the 1990s, Jack Powless got married to Jen Allred-Powless. They shared a kiss and exchanged their vows in front of their loved ones. They have now completed 30-plus years together.

Jack and Jen Have Children and Grandchildren

Jack and Jen have been blessed with two children, a son Neilson Powless and a daughter Shayna Powless. Both of their children are professional cyclists.

The first child of Jack and Jen, Shayna was born on January 8, 1994, in Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. She is currently 29 years old and is in a relationship with Eli Ankou, who is a Canadian American professional football player, since 2013.

On the other hand, the second child of Jack and Jen, Neilson Powless was born on September 3, 1996, in Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. He is currently 26 years old and is married to Frances Powless.

Neilson and Frances Powless got married in November 2020 and are on the verge of welcoming their first child together in October 2023. Therefore, Jen and Jack couldn’t be happier seeing their first grandchildren.

Who is Neil Powless?

Neilson Powless is an American professional road racing cyclist. He was born in Florida, on September 3, 1996. Neilson is currently 26 years and was born under the sun sign, Virgo.

From an early age, Neilson saw his father competing in the cycling games. Thus, he was fascinated by it and wanted to become the best cyclist out there.

So to make his dream come true, Jack taught him all the things he knew and prepared him. Neilson then was seen participating in the 2019 Vuelta an Espana.

The Powless cycling journey which began in 2019 has seen a lot in the four years. He then gave his best performance and thus got offered to play for UCI WordTeam EF Education-EasyPost.

Playing for four years, Neilson earned quite well. As of 2023, Neilson Powless net worth is around $1 million.


Is Shayna Powless related to Neilson Powless?

Yes, Both Shayna and Neilson are brother and sister. Shayna is three years older than Neilson.

Who are Neilson Powless parents?

Jack Powless, a former US Air Force and triathlons, and Jen Allred, a former marathon runner,  are the parents of Neilson Powless.

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