Nick Daicos Parents: Peter Daicos and Colleen Daicos

The brilliant player, Nick Daicos parents are Peter Daicos and Colleen Daicos. Further, he comes from a family with a football background.

nick daicos parents wiki bio
Nick Daicos parents are Peter Daicos and Colleen Daicos.
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Nevertheless, Nick Daicos is a well-known Australian rules football player. However, he plays for the Collingwood Football Club. Despite his young age, he has achieved a lot in his career.

In 2021, Nick became the captain of the Oakleigh Chargers in the NBA League. Likewise, his skills and consistency caught the attention of fans all over. At that time, he averages 35.8 disposals and 2 goals per game.

In the following year, Nick achieved several remarkable accomplishments in AFL (Australian Football League). He has won the AFL Rising Star Award, which is given to the best young player in the league.

Additionally, he also has the AFLPA Best First-Year Player Award, recognizing him as the top newcomer. Furthermore, he was selected to be a part of the 22under22 team. It consists of the best young players in the league.

Overall, 2022 was a fantastic year for him since he made a big impact in his debut season.

In this article, we will delve into Nick Daicos parent’s detailed bio, age, marriage, and career in detail.

Nick Daicos Parents

Peter Daicos

Nick Daicos father is Peter Daicos. In terms of his profession, Peter is a former player of Australian rules football. He used to be part of the Collingwood Football Club in the AFL from 1979 to 1993. He is considered a legend of the club.

Similarly, he was born on September 20, 1961. As of now, Peter is 62 years old.  He is married to Colleen Daicos. Peter Daicos and Colleen Daicos met when they were young and fell in love.

They got married in Australia and started a family together. They have three children, including Josh Daicos. Further, we can say that Nick Daicos shares a strong and positive relationship with his father, Peter Daicos.

Colleen Daicos

Colleen Daicos is the wife of Peter Daicos and the mother of Nick Daicos. She has been very supportive of Nick’s football career.

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Likewise, Colleen has been a devoted mother and wife, raising her children and taking care of the household. She and Peter Daicos have been married for many years.

Overall, Nick’s mom encourages his successful football career. She was also fulfilling her role as a dedicated mother and wife.

Nick Daicos Siblings

Nick Daicos has two siblings. Nick’s older brother’s name is Josh Daicos whereas his sister’s name is Maddie Daicos.

nick daicos parents wiki bio
The winning moment of Nick Daicos with his older brother Josh Daicos.
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Josh is a pro-Australian rules football player for Collingwood FC. The age gap between the two brothers is either 4 years or 5 years.

Nick Daicos Relationship With His Parents

Nick Daicos has a close relationship with his parents, Peter Daicos and Colleen Daicos. Nick Daicos family has been very supportive of his football career. They have been a constant presence at his games, showing their support and encouragement.

In an interview, Nick Daicos choked back tears while sharing a lesson his father, Peter Daicos, taught him. The Daicos family has also faced some family tragedies in the past 18 months.

However, their close bond is evident in their interactions and support for each other. Meanwhile, it is clear that Nick Daicos has the backing of his parents as he pursues his football aspirations.

Nick Daicos Age, Bio and Net Worth

Nick Daicos is a rising star in the Australian Football League (AFL). He was brought up on January 3, 2003. As of 2023, Nick Daicos age is 20 years old. Nick Daicos nationality is Australian.

Similarly, Nick Daicos is 1.83 m or 6 feet tall and weighs 72 kg. His zodiac sign is Aries. As of 2023, his net worth is $768 thousand dollars.

Regarding his love life, Nick is currently in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Arlette Jones. Whereas Arlette is a model and social media influencer.

Overall, Nick Daicos has achieved notable success in his football career and has accumulated a considerable net worth, at the age of 20.

Nick Daicos Instagram

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FAQ About Nick Daicos Parents

Who is Nick Daicos parents?

Nick Daicos parents are Peter Daicos and Colleen Daicos.

What is Peter Daicos Daughter Name?

Peter Daicos has a daughter named Maddie.

Where Was Nick Daicos Born?

Nick Daicos was born in Victoria, Australia.

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