Most overrated players for World Cup 2022

This might cause controversy as we are going to rank the most overrated players for World Cup 2022. These are the player who are getting World recognition even though they don’t deserve it.

Players who are arises on this list are currently out of form but it does not mean they are the worst footballers. In fact,  all players mentioned below are overrated players for World Cup 2022.

Overrated Players

Paul Pogba

Landed as a key member of France’s golden generation, Paul Pogba started his senior career at Manchester United in the 2011 season. He spent two seasons with United appearing in 3 matches only.

In the 2012-13 season, Pogba departed from the club where he signed a new contract with Juventus. During his spell at Juve, it was a joy to watch him play.

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After making his jump to Old Trafford in 2016 the star realized he has enough to prove. Paul used to look so classy when he arrived at the United. So it’s no surprise he has many supporters.

pogba overrated player
Paul Pogba is the most overrated player for France.
Source: Instagram

Although he won the 2018 World Cup, Paul was unable to bring his impact on the United’s squad as he used to do in his previous seasons.

Spent 6 seasons with Manchester United playing 226 games and scoring only 39 goals. Is this worth paying 105 million euros?

However, Pogba was an absolute talent who doesn’t deserve to gain this popularity. Rarely scores goals and provides assists meanwhile spending most of the time in a barbershop.

Frenkie de Jong

Dutch player Frenkie de Jong is one of the targeted players for Manchester United for the upcoming 2022-2023 seasons.

During his spell at Barcelona, he played 140 games where he just managed to score 13 goals.

Accepting the fact he is a midfielder but still managed to provide 3 assists in the season 2021/2022.

deJong overrated player
Frenkie de Jong is the overrated player going to play in the 2022 World Cup.
Source: Instagram

Despite being a mediocre player, he got enormous hyped that wasn’t worth paying 75 million euros for Barcelona.

The Dutch midfielder is struggling for consistency and is convinced by the move to Manchester United. However, he just had one good season with Ajax. Besides this, his records speak for him why he is an overrated player for World Cup 2022.

Darwin Nunez

Liverpool recruited Uruguayan striker Darwin Nunez on 13 June 2022. Subsequently, he isn’t a bad player but fans act like Darwin is one of the best players going to play this World Cup.

This 23-year-old striker isn’t that fast, strong, or technical, he lacks confidence as well as a crossing. He is a youngster who lacks experience in playing major tournaments.

Nunez Overrated Player
Darwin Nunez is an overrated payer as he hasn’t proven himself yet.
Source: Instagram

Nunez doesn’t seem to fit in the style of play for Liverpool. Simply, the recognition he is earning right now is more than he deserves because he is yet to make his Pl debut.

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He cannot be considered a talented player until he proves himself in a major tournament.

The fact is Darwin Nunez is a player who has more tattoos on his body than the number of trophies he won in his career.

Harry Maguire

Five times Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo calls Harry Maguire ‘Captain’ who is the worst player in football history. Yes worst, you read it right.

Manchester United made an undeserving decision to pay 80 million euros for this center-back. This move from  United is a term to be the worst move in Premier League history.

Harry Maguire overrated player
Harry Maguire is the most overrated player going to play in the 2022 World Cup.
Source: Instagram

Maybe the responsibilities he got as well as the pressure of high transfer fees too. England international has been struggling and has been making an error that leads his team to concede goals.

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In the first place, to be overrated he must be rated.

There are away more good athletes who can replace him in his job but he is walking with the tag of an English player, which made him rated although he isn’t the deserving one.

The fact is people are getting more confused about whether Harry Maguire is overrated or over-hated.

Antoine Griezemann

Without a doubt, Griezeman is the most overrated player playing in La Liga now. Although he has created several amazing shows in the past, for France and Atletico.

His debut game for Barcelona was marked by his no more successful performance. After his transfer to Barcelona, he was overhyped so much because Barca paid 100 million fees for this French man.

Antoine Griezmann overrated player
Antoine Greezemann is an overrated player for France and Atletico Madrid.
Source: Instagram

He was good but not that good scoring 8 goals in 36 appearances for Atletico in the 2021-2022 season. In the past, Antonio used to challenge Ronaldo on scoring goals during his peak time.

Here I’m not saying Grizemann is the worst player, nor i am raising questions about his abilities. What I’m provoking is, that Antonine is overrated and overhyped.

Other Overrated Players for World Cup:

Jordi Alba

This Spaniard is the slowest player whose passing ability is below average. Although he won major trophies with Spain and Barcelona Alba was fortunate enough to play with the best team.

He is the kind of player who has fallen victim to his success. Jordi Alba received huge applause for the success of his team compared to his own form.

The fact is he is nowhere near the player people think Jordi Alba is. Dani Alves and Sergio Busquets were his masters who were always there to support him.

Jordi Alba
Jordi Alba most overrated player for  world cup 2022.
Source: Instagram

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Carlos Puyol was the big protector when Alba moved to Barcelona in 2012. In the 2021/2022 season, Jordi Alba ranked 200 in the La Liga.

Only his achievement in this season was 14 blocks on 40 games which proves he is a good businessman rather than a defender. Jordi Alba is a veteran defender who hasn’t been at the top level but his popularity is at a peak which makes him overrated.

Eden Hazard

Belgian international Hazard is 31 years old and was brilliant during his time at Chelsea. After his move to Real Madrid Hazard has fallen down to his lowest carrier stats.

His move to Madrid means to fill the void left by the best player in the world Ronaldo.

Eden Hazard Overrated player for world cup 2022
After failing to deliver as expected Eden hazard is an overrated player.
Source: Instagram

Hazard is an inconsistent player who has been suffering from an injury the whole season. After making move to Madrid he has only played 66 games scoring 6 goals for the white battalion.

Lately, he has been facing lots of criticism despite all these he is the one who is carrying Belgium to their 2022 WorldCup. 

Hazard only once managed to score 20+ goals in all competition for Chelsea with no iconic UCL performance. The fact is after his departure Chelsea is creating more chances, Eden smothers the Chelsea attack by slowing down the game. These are our list of overrated players for World Cup 2022. Comment yours below.