Reasons why Pakistan won’t win T20 World Cup 2022?

Regarding winning the T20 world cup, Pakistan’s name is always mentioned alongside the great team of crickets. Pakistan got the taste of the T20 world cup trophy in 2009  and has been itching to win this year but that won’t be the case for the team in green this year.

After, tasting victory in the Champions Trophy in 2017, the Pakistani team was level above other teams and went on to be the number one T20 team in 2018. Back in the day, Pakistan used to have a world-class player to dominate the format.

Meanwhile, that’s not the case in current situations as most of the top players have retired or are injured to play in the T20 world cup 2022. They haven’t been able to reach the finals of the major ICC tournament since 2017 and reached to semifinals of the previous edition of the T20 world cup losing against Australia by 4 wickets.

Pakistan currently ranks at the number three spot in the T20I. Despite, being the top team in the shorter format here are the:

Reason Why Pakistan won’t win T20 World Cup 2022

Lack of experience in the team

Pakistan has already been the T20 champion all thanks to their world-class players. But, that might not be the case for them in the current tournament.

As most of the players in the squad are new to the team and don’t have exposure to playing on foreign soil also the team in green is yet to win the T20I match in Australia.

Over-dependence on top-order batsmen

Pakistan has always produced world-class top-order batsmen with the likes of  Mohammad Rizwan, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, and so on.

babr aam
Babar Azam is Pakistan Team Captain

The over-dependence on top-order batsmen might bring disbalance in the team. If the runs are not scored by those batsmen then the team might struggle.

Other players besides the top three have not shown consistent run-scoring pedigree. For the Pakistan team to go the distance, the top order needs to do the bulk of the scoring runs.

Lack of all-rounder in the team

All-rounders are the ace of spades in the team as they can contribute to the team by scoring runs and taking wickets in crucial moments. They are also the backbone of the team and provide the perfect balance to the team.

But that’s not the case in the Pakistani team, as there hasn’t been a genuine all-rounder in the team for a long time.

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Despite having players like Shadab Khan and Mohammad Nawaz in the squad who can be handy with both ball and bat at the times. They don’t perform like natural all-rounders as Shakib-al-Hasan and Angelo Mathews are for their respective teams.

so, this might trouble Pakistan in the T20 world cup as all-rounders are needed in the team to continue smashing that top order that has started to pun runs on the board or chase down the mammoth total.

Over-dependence on Shadab Khan

The strength of this team in the T20 world cup is that they have world-class batsmen and top-notch wicket-taking pace bowlers. But, lacks in the spinners department as they have only one leg spinner, Shadab Khan.

Shadab Khan
Only leg spinner in Pakistan Team is Shadab Khan

After all, spinners are very good in the middle overs to control the run rate and slow down the games whereas having only one leg spinner may make team predictable as the batsman get the time to understand the bowler and starts smashing for boundaries.

Meanwhile, they have the option of part-time bowlers like Iftikhar Ahmed and Khushdil Shah but they are not wicket-taking bowlers. So, this might hinder Pakistan’s chance to win the ICC T20 world cup 2022.

Issues in the fielding department

Fielding is an inarguable part of cricket as there is a saying that “you don’t win or lose the games because of 11 you select. you win or lose with what those 11 do on the field”.

Meanwhile, when it comes to talking about the fielding department of team Pakistan, it is a prominent issue in the team. Except for two or three players (Shadab Khan, Babar Azam, and Mohammad Izwan), others aren’t good enough as they give easy runs like two instead of singles.

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Whereas some players are a liability to the team when it comes to talking about fielding like; Shaheen Afridi, Iftikhar Ahmed, and Haider Ali. If Pakistan continuously leaks runs then it might hinder their path to the second T20 world cup glory.