Patty Gasso Kids: JT Gasso and DJ Gasso

Patty Gasso Kids are JT Gasso and DJ Gasso. JT Gasso is the eldest child whereas DJ Gasso is the youngest child in the Gasso family.

dj gasso with his parents
DJ Gasso with his parents Jim Gasso and Patty Gasso together in a picture
Image Source: Instagram

The two adorable, young, and talented kids are keenly interested in sports. Both of them have followed the path of their mother, Patty Gasso.

Likewise, Patty Gasso is an American softball coach for the Oklahoma Sooners. Since 1995, Patty is the head softball coach for Oklahoma.

She has spent her entire career as a coach for the past two decades. In the following article, today we’ll be focusing more on Patty Gasso kids bio, his relationship with his parents, and their love life in detail.

Patty Gasso Kids

JT Gasso

JT Gasso is the eldest child in the Gasso family. JT Gasso is an assistant softball coach. Recently, Mr. JT is the coach of the University of Oklahoma since July 2015.

The American softball coach, Gasso also worked as a lead instructor. He spanned his career for the last 10 years in Sooner Softball camps.

While JT was pursuing his career as a coach, Gasso is regarded as one of the certified Level 1 coaches in Crossfit. Before working as a coach, he has a Volunteer Assistant Softball Coach for 2 years.

As a coach, JT Gasso has worked at several Universities. Some of them are Purdue University (2013-2014), Michigan State University (2014-2015), and University of Oklahoma (July 2015 to Present).

During his generation, JT Gasso won Big 12 regular-season titles and three Big 12 Tournament crowns.

jt gasso and andrea harrison welcomed their third daughter
Patty Gasso welcomed her third grandchildren Ava June Gasso in the Gasso family
Image Source: Twitter

Regarding his educational background, Mr. JT has attended Eastern Oklahoma State College. Here, he obtains his associate degree in the year 2008.

Thereafter, Gasso joined East Central University for a bachelor’s degree. Indeed, Patty Gasso kid, JT Gasso earned a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science in 2011.

In addition, he received a Master’s degree in Arts from the University of Oklahoma in organizational leadership.

Patty’s son, JT Gasso has walked down the aisle with Andrea Harrison. The beautiful lady, Andrea is a former two-time All-American at UCLA.

JT Gasso and Andrea Harrison share two lovely children together. They are proud to be the parents of Joseph and Grace. Their date of birth is under wraps by the duo couple at the moment.

DJ Gasso

DJ Gasso is the youngest child in their family. He was born to Jim Gasso and Patty Gasso. His exact date of birth is still under review at the moment.

Looking at his physical appearance, DJ Gasso height is 5 feet 10 inches and weighs around 180 lbs. DJ Gasso is an Associate Head Softball Coach at the University of Utah.

The young boy’s main inspiration has been his family. Likewise, DJ’s role model is her mother, Patty. Along with it, his father, Jim has inspired and taught him to play football.

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Similarly, DJ’s older brother, JT Gasso is a head coach at OU. Besides sports, DJ worked as a Volunteer for several organizations.

Such as Vs. Cancer Foundation, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National MS Society, and also Then, he was a graduate assistant at the University of Oklahoma for two years.

In June 2020, Patty Gasso kids, DJ Gasso became an Assistant Softball Coach at the University of Utah. He holds an associate degree from Hutchinson Community College.

Mr. DJ earned a bachelor’s degree in the field of Science from Bradley University in 2018. Additionally, he obtained a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2020.

On 14th June 2020, Grace Lauren and DJ Gasso exchanged their wedding vows. But, before that, the duo were engaged on 29th July 2020.

Parents of Gasso Kids

JT Gasso and DJ Gasso Father Jim Gasso

Jim Gasso is the father of their two sons. Jim was born to Roberto (his father). However, he hasn’t disclosed his mother’s name publicly.

lauren gasso married dj gasso
Grace Lauren and DJ Gasso exchanged their wedding vows on June 14, 2020
Image Source: Instagram

There is quite less information available on the internet regarding his personal life. Jim was born and raised by his father in Los Angeles.

Jim Gasso is the owner of Intensity Sports Training Academy in Norman, Oklahoma. Jim and his partner, Patty have attended the same University. Both of them earned the degree in the field of physical education.

JT Gasso and DJ Gasso Mother Patty Gasso

Patty Gasso is the mother of JT Gasso (Head Coach) and DJ Gasso (Assistant Softball Coach). On 27th May 1962, Patty was born in Los Angeles, California.

Presently, Patty Gasso age is 61 years old. The legendary coach, Patty has led the Sooners team to win six national championships during her career.

Previously, as a head coach Patty worked at Long Beach City from 1990 to 1994. The diva recorded most of the wins at Oklahoma with a record of 1,395–344–2 and a winning percentage of .802.

In 2012, Mrs. Gasso was inducted into the National Fastpitch Coaches Association Hall of Fame. The lady defeated the University of Texas on 8th June 2022 to win the Women’s College World Series.

After that, Patty and the school won the 6th National Softball Championship.

JT Gasso and DJ Gasso Relationship With His Parents

The Gasso kids have followed in the footsteps of their mother, Patty Gasso. JT and DJ Gasso relationship with their parents is very strong. They have an inseparable bond together with one another.

dj gasso with his father
DJ Gasso with his father Jim Gasso
Image Source: Instagram

Jim Gasso is also known as the spouse of Patty Gasso. Jim and Patty tied the knot on 21st June 1986. They are a happily married couple for the past three decades.

Even though after being married for so long years, their respect, support, love, and affection for each other is never less.

Mr. and Mrs. Gasso were the high school sweetheart couple. As the time has passed, their love for one another has grown together.

Social Media Presence

JT Gasso Twitter

Twitter: 12.3k followers

DJ Gasso Twitter

Instagram: 4.96k followers

Twitter: 5.09k followers

FAQ About Patty Gasso Kids

Does Patty Gasso have grandchildren?

Yes, Patty Gasso has three grandchildren. Namely Joseph Gasso, Ava June Gasso, and Grace Gasso.

Who is Patty Gasso’s husband?

Jim Gasso is the husband of Patty Gasso.

Who is JT Gasso?

JT Gasso is an assistant softball coach at the University of Oklahoma. Apart from this, he is a certified Level 1 coach in Crossfit.

What position did Patty Gasso play?

Patty Gasso was in the position of head coach for the Oklahoma Sooners.

Where did Patty Gasso play softball?

Mrs. Patty Gasso has played softball at California State University, Long Beach.

How old is Patty Gasso?

The softball coach, Patty was born on 27th May 1962. As of 2023, Patty Gasso age is 61 years old.

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