why Karakin is the best PUBG map

by NKS

PUBG recently added a new map in PC version named Karakin.This is the fifth map to be introduced in PUBG. In this map, players will experience the fastest pace of gameplay.

Karakin is a 2×2 km this means that it is half the size of Sanhok. It’s small, fast, and dangerous. Karakin is a 64 player map. We think this is one of the best maps. We expect this map to become even more popular in the future.

Why Karakin is the best PUBG map yet

1- Small Map:

This map is 2×2 in size. Players have absolutely no problem in covering the distance between the two zones. But obviously one problem is that as the region gets smaller, the chances of meeting the enemy more frequently are increasing.

2- Throwable Sticky Bomb:

To change the game of siege, breaking points have been introduced that can be destroyed with the use of sticky bombs by Karkin. It opens up many ways to fight in urban areas

3- Bullet Penetration:

To make the internal gun battle more attractive, bullet penetration has been added to the weakest wall in Karkin. Get a brief glimpse of your enemies through the damaged drywall and decide to fight or regroup. It gives players more options.

4- Loot Increase:

The loot on the map is very well balanced. Ground loot spawns have been balanced, to ensure you can drop in and loot up quickly above ground

5-The Black Zone:

The new setback, the Black Zone, is only available in Karakin. The Black Zone is designed to keep players out of the security of a building.

6-spotting enemies:

The terrain of the map is similar to that of Miramar, meaning it is easier to suppress enemies.

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