Peyton Hillis Family: Doug, Carrie, Kyle, and Amanda Hillis

Peyton Hillis family was very supportive of him during his career and even to this day, they can be seen helping him out in many different ways.

peyton hillis in the hospital
Peyton was hospitalized, and his sister Hayley was for him
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Recently, Peyton has an issue with his kidney and lungs and his family was there to look after him. They couldn’t do much but being there for him was more than enough.

Peyton has four members in the family excluding him. In this article, readers will get to know more about Peyton Hillis family, so let’s go through the article.

Peyton Hillis Family

The former NFL player was born to a couple Dough Hillis and Carrie Hillis. He is the third child of the family and growing up together was fun for him.

Father Dough Hillis

In most houses, the father plays the most supportive role for boys, and that is what Dough Hillis did for his son Peyton. Dough helped Peyton to find out his true power and follow it.

From his high school days, Peyton Hillis was interested in football and baseball games. And that’s when Dough realized his true power and interest.

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As the father, Dough helped and supported his son to move forward in his interest. And boom, everything came to be in favor of Peyton.

Mother Carrie Hillis

Carrie Hillis, the mother of the former NFL player, is also the most important person in Peyton’s life. She raised children all her own when Dough used to live for work.

Both parents have their own role in Peyton’s life, Dough supported Peyton’s decision while Carrie nourished and gave him all the strength to overcome his obstacles.

Peyton Hillis Siblings

Brother Kyle Hillis

Like Peyton’s parents, Kyle Hillis helped to make a lot of memories together. The two were brothers in relation but shared each other to feel like best friends.

Peyton hasn’t talked much about Kyle but surely was there for Peyton every time. Currently, it is very hard to track down any information on Kyle.

Sister Hayley Davis

Hayley Davis, the only sister of Peyton Hillis. Peyton is really blessed to be the brother of Hayley. From the old days to today, she has won hearts many times.

Recently, when Peyton was on having issues with his kidney and lung, Hayley was there for him to comfort him. Hayley is the sister every brother will like to have.

Who is Peyton Hillis?

Peyton Derek Hillis is a former American football running back. He was born on January 21, 1986, in Conway, Arkansas. Peyton is currently 37 years old.

The NFL player, Peyton’s career began in 2008 and shortly after playing for seven years, he retired from the game. Those seven years were a boon for him.

As of 2023, Peyton Hillis’s net worth is $13 million. All the net worth of Peyton is the result of playing in the NFL. Currently, there is no information about his profession.


Does Peyton Hillis have siblings?

The former NFL player, Peyton Hillis has two siblings, brother Kyle Hillis and sister Hayley Davis.

How many children does Peyton Hillis have?

Peyton Hillis has two children, a son and a daughter with his ex-wife Amanda Brown.

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