Randy Orton Family: Grandfather, Father, Uncle, Siblings, Wife

If you are a WWE fan, then you must be familiar with the name, Randy Orton.

He is a famous American professional wrestler currently signed to the wrestling brand WWE. As of now, Randy Orton performs for the Raw brand.

Sadly, Randy Orton is currently injured and out of the action from the wrestling.

randy orton net worth
Randy Orton net worth is $15 million as of 2023
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Furthermore, Randy Orton is a close-end family man who loves to be around his loved ones.

So in the following article, we will discuss Randy Orton family background.

Likewise, Randy Orton comes from a successful wrestling background. So, without any further delay, we will focus on Randy Orton family biography in detail.

Randy Orton Family

Looking at his family background, Randy Orton comes from a successful wrestling background.

As his whole family is in this field, from his grandfather to uncle and the man himself.

Hence, Randy Orton is regarded as a third-generation wrestling professional.

Randy Orton Grandfather

Randy Orton grandfather name is Robert Keith Orton Sr. He was also an American professional wrestler.

Robert Keith Orton is the first wrestler from his family. He is famous by the name Bob Orton Senior throughout his career.

Likewise, he is also often referred to by the nickname “The Big O“.

Randy Orton grandfather was born on 21 July 1929 in Kansas City, US. He was married to Rita Orton and had two children with her.

Moreover, Bob Orton Sr died at the age of 76 years old on 16 July 2006 in Las Vegas, US.

Randy Orton Father

Randy Orton father name is Robert Keith Orton Jr. He is famous with the in-ring wrestling name “Cow Boy”.

However, he is also known by the name Bob Orton Jr. Bob Orton is best known for his time in the WWF.

randy orton father
Randy Orton with his father Bob Orton Jr
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Other than that, he also wrestled in various countries which include Japan, the US, and other countries.

Furthermore, Bob Orton Jr was born on 10 November 1950 in Kansas City, US. As of 2023, Bob Orton Jr age is 72 years old.

He is married to Elaine Orton in 1968 with whom he had three children.

Randy Orton Uncle

Randy Orton uncle’s name is Randel Berry Orton. He is famous with the name Barry Orton.

Likewise, Barry Orton is also an American professional wrestler and actor. He was born on 28 May 1958 in Amarillo, Texas, US.

Unfortunately, Randy Orton uncle died at the age of 62 years old on 19 March 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada, US.

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During his life, Barry Orton was suffering from drug addiction and used the drug valium and methamphetamine.

Furthermore, Barry Orton was married four times all of them ended in divorce.

Randy Orton Siblings

Randy Orton has two siblings. He is the eldest among his siblings, Nathan Orton and Becky Orton.

Nathan Orton is a professional writer and comedian. On the other hand, Becky Orton is a certified American nurse.

The two of them are very close to Randy Orton and appear regularly on Monday Night Raw.

Randy Orton Wife

Randy Orton has been married twice in his life and his second marriage looks to be a stable case.

The first wife of Randy was Samantha Speno. Both of them were happily in love and married in 2007.

randy orton wife
Randy Orton with his wife Kim Marie Kessler attending the WWE Hall of Fame
Image Source: New York Post

After six years of undefining bond, Samantha and Randy separated.

After a couple of years, Randy Orton married Kim Marie Kessler. She was a massive WWE fan in the past.

FAQs About Randy Orton Family

Does Randy Orton have a family?

Yes, Randy Orton has a family.

How many biological kids does Randy Orton have?

Randy Orton has two biological kids out of five children.

Who is Randy Orton wife?

Randy Orton wife is Kim Marie Kessler.

Does Randy Orton have a sister?

Yes, Randy Orton has a sister. Her name is Becky Orton.

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