Randy Orton Kids, WWE, Wife, Step Children

Randy Orton is a talented wrestler with the third most world championship title ever. His charm and enigma have always been the talk of the town. But today we focus more on Randy Orton kids.

randy orton with his sons robbie, michael and antony after wwe match
Randy Orton with his sons Robbie, Michael, and Antony after the WWE match.
Image Source: Essentially Sports

He is a close-end family man who loves to be around his loved ones. After being married, the WWE superstar was able to give birth to two angels. Playersaga will talk in detail about Randy Orton kids.

Randy Orton Kids: Biography

Kids Name Alanna Marie Orton, Brooklyn Rose Orton, Robbie, Michael, Antony
Age  Alanna (15 years old), Brooklyn (7 years old), Robbie (19 years old), Michael (21 years old), Antony (13 years old)
Number of Kids 5
Randy Orton’s Wife Kim Kessler
Randy Orton Ex-wife Samantha Speno
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Last Update On May 2023

Who are Randy Orton Kids?

The WWE superstar, Randy Orton is famous for being a talented fighter. He has been in a healthy relationship.

As of 2023, Randy Orton kids names are Alanna Marie Orton, Brooklyn Rose Orton, Robbie, Michael, and Antony.

Randy Orton Biological Kids

Although Randy Orton is blessed with five kids, all of them aren’t his biological kids. Being married twice, he has multiple kids from both wives.

randy orton with his wife kim kessler
Randy Orton with his wife Kim Kessler.
Image Source: New York Post

There are only two biological kids for the WWE star. Alanna Marie Orton and Brooklyn Marie are the only biological ones.

The first and eldest Randy Orton kids name is Alanna Marie Orton. She was born to her mother Samantha Speno and her father Randy. Alanna was born on 12th July 2008 in St Louis.

She is 15 years old as of 2023. In memory and love of her daughter, Randy has done a rose tattoo on his left side arm to show love and affection.

The second daughter of Randy Orton is Brooklyn Rose Orton. She is the daughter of Randy Orton and his second wife Kim.

Brooklyn came into the world on 22nd November 2016. This little kid is 7 years old. Similar to her father, Brooklyn is fascinated by wrestling.

Randy Orton Stepchildren

It is interesting to say that Randy Orton has five kids. However, all five of them aren’t his own.

Other than the two mentioned above, Randy has three more kids. He has taken them under his wing although they aren’t his biological products.

Robbie the third kid is Kim Orton’s kid from her second marriage. Robbie was born on 22nd October 2004. As of 2023, he is 19 years old.

Michael is another kid from Kim Orton’s previous marriage. There is no data as to who is the actual dad of Michael. Being born on 9th October 2002, Michael is 21 years old.

The last of Randy Orton kids name is Anotony. Similar to Robbie and Michael, Antony is also Kim Orton son from previous marriage.

He was born on 23rd April 2010. As of 2023, Antony is 13 years old. The family of seven has been living very happily.

Randy Orton Relationship With His Kids

Randy has been married more than once and he shares kids with both his wife. Talking about Randy Orton relationship with his kids, things look very good.

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All the family member of seven tends to be spending quality time on holidays and even eating out dinners.

There have hardly been any issues or news relating to Randy Orton and his kids. The talented superstar has treated his biological and stepkids in an equal manner.

Randy Orton Is Married Twice

The love life of Randy Orton has not been as steady as his professional achievement. Orton has been married twice and his second marriage looks to be a stable case.

randy orton with his ex wife samantha speno
Randy Orton with his ex-wife Samantha Speno.
Image Source: Christian Today

The first wife of Randy was Samantha Speno. Both of them were happily in love and married in 2007. After six years of undefining bond, Samantha and Randy separated.

This did bring some serious news but he found love again. After a couple of years, Randy Orton married Kim Marie Kessler. She was a massive WWE fan in the past.


How many kids does Randy Orton have?

Randy Orton kids are five in number from his two marriages.

Who is the elder child of Randy Orton?

Randy Orton biological elder child name is Alanna Marie Orton.

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