Reason Why Argentina can’t win WorldCup 2022 ?

Football has a long history in Argentina. They have produced a considerable number of world-class players. In this article we will discuss Argentina can’t win WorldCup 2022.

Diego Maradona is regarded as their best player.  Following the footsteps of Maradona, Lionel Messi has established himself as the greatest player for Argentina in modern football.

Even though there are many reasons why Argentina can’t win WorldCup 2022. Messi was so close with the 2014 World Cup, 2015, and 2016 Copa Americas but ultimately, they failed. People believed that he couldn’t compete with Maradona because of this.

Arentina national team
Argentina national team playing FIFA World Cup qualifier games.
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Argentinians began to love him, even more, when he won the 2021 Copa. Messi will likely be regarded as the GOAT if he wins the 2022 Word Cup.

Predicting Argentina will win the World Cup in 2022 after winning Copa America in 2021 is entirely absurd. There will be stronger teams than Argentina at the World Cup, which is much tougher than Copa America.

Everyone knows, In 2016 Chile won the Copa America but could not advance to the 2018 World Cup. Argentina cannot lead the World with their current bench player.

There are many reasons why Argentina can’t win WorldCup 2022. Argentina hasn’t developed their bench player. However, Robert Mancini has developed Italy incredibly and won the Euro 2020.

Reason Why Argentina can’t win Worldcup 2022?

Poor Finishing

Despite being among the best players, Messi doesn’t enjoy playing for the Argentinian National Team.

The Argentinian team needs an upgrade for Qatar World Cup 2022. Messi, Franco Armani, Angel Di Maria, and Higuain are aging.

However, the younger players on the team, like Alexis Mac Allister, Marcos Senesi, and Nahuel Molina, must be the central focus.

These players are severely underutilized throughout their qualifications.

This means they lack experience in playing against big teams.

Messi Takes all Decisions

In the 2018 World Cup, manager Sampaoli had very little control. Messi was the sole decision-maker, Icardi was only left out for that purpose, and Mascherano was added to the lineup.

He also started every game even though there were younger and better players available who were waiting for a chance; even Dybala wasn’t used. Later on, this cost them a World Cup trophy.

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Imagine! a player like Dybala being on your squad and not being appreciated. The only justification is that Messi seems unable to play with him.

Despite this, Messi is primarily a system player who performs best when surrounded by the finest supplementary players.

At first, it was Xavi and Iniesta then Neymar and Suarez. The fact is Messi only ever plays well in that situation. This is the main reason he isn’t achieving success with his national team.

Team Relying on Messi

Messi is Argentina’s lone wolf. Mascherano was the sole player to encourage him. Argentina needs Lionel Messi to put in almost twice as much effort.

He has got the responsibility to play every attacking position. Along with this, he also needs to create, defend, score, and take possession.

Argentina can't win WorldCup 2022
Argentina’s national team is dependent on Messi can be reason for Argentina can’t win WorldCup 2022.
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Almost no one does even the tiniest bit of work here. We can watch each of Argentina’s World Cup 2014 & 2018 games. Without Messi, they would have lost every game and been eliminated in the group stages.


Football requires athletes to be physically fit, quick, and powerful more than any other activity.

These physical elements are crucial for the sport but are also the first qualities people lose after they become older.

In addition, the constant physical violence that most football players experience can eventually weaken even the strongest of bodies.

In the 2022 World Cup, Lionel Messi will be running on 35 years of age. Most athletes are in their declining phase and can offer little to nothing at all. Similarly, Otamendi, Angel Di Maria, and Rulli are all above their thirties.

Here is the list of Argentinians with their age:

Armani: 35
Rodrigo De Paul:28

Additional Reasons

Tactics and Players 

Argentina was set up in a 4-4-2 layout by head coach Lionel Scaloni, with captain Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez playing in the front line.

Meanwhile, Giovani Lo Celso and Angel Di Maria are handling wide midfielders.

These tactics would work with teams who aren’t aware of them. Defending big teams like Germany, Brazil, Belgium, and England is not easy as there is no good center defensive midfielder.

 Out of form 

Alejandro Gomez, Joaquin Correa, Paulo Dybala, Angel Correa even Lionel Messi are all completely out of form. They could not perform the job as players in the team.

They also failed to uphold positional discipline. Lionel Messi is a total embarrassment as a winger. What exactly was he doing in the game throughout the season?

Argentiana national team
Argentina national team after lifting Copa America 2021.
Source: New York Times

These players were lacking in making crosses, creating important opportunities, or making meaningful attempts to score goals.

This might create problems for Argentina as their squad isn’t well balanced. To make a great impact in World Cup, Argentina needs some major changes.


No matter how talented is Messi but he cannot win the World Cup by himself. In today’s world where restricted spaces are the norm, and defensive strategies have improved so much.

We have seen this with Cristiano Ronaldo in 2018 when Portugal entered the World Cup. Portugal was the defending European champions except in the game against Spain; the opposition shut him down he was destroyed.

Here Argentina is entering the World Cup 2022 as champions of Copa America 2021. Although people are in love with Messi’s game, it is absurd to say he will lift the trophy in the 2022 World Cup.

Strong Opponent

It’s not easy to predict which team will win, but we can figure it out based on analysis.

In every World Cup, European teams are the favorite to lift the trophy. Till now 11 World Cups have been won by European Countries.

France, England, Germany, Portugal, and Belgium are always giving tough competition to their opponents. Spain, they are the favorite team that can win the tournament.

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South American country Brazil is forever favorite country also won FIFA World Cup 5 times. This World Cup can be the last for many greatest players, including Lionel Messi.

Following by Cristiano RonaldoLuis SuarezLuka ModricManuel NeuerThiago Silva and Eden Hazard.

These players have made their club carrier remarkable and are looking to end their journey with FIFA World Cup 2022.

To become the most decorated player in the history of football World Cup trophy is essential. These players are ready to give their blood and sweat, which will make the journey to Argentina tough.