Reggie Miller Family: Parents, Siblings, Wife, and Children

The NBA player for the Indiana Pacers, Reggie Miller family includes Saul Miller, Carrie Miller, Cheryl Miller, Tammy Miller, Saul Miller Jr., Darrell Miller, Laura Laskowski, Ryker Miller, Lennox Miller, and Jo Miller. 

Likewise, Reggie Miller full name is Reginald Wayne Miller. The NBA player, Reggie is popularly known for his three-point shooting. He also earned the nickname Knick Killer while Reggie played against the New York Knicks.

reggie miller net worth
Reggie Miller net worth is $80 million
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In 2012, Reggie Miller was also inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. He is also a five-time All-Star NBA player. Reggie is renowned as the Pacers’ greatest player of all time.

Reggie Miller is an American former professional basketball player who played his entire 18-years career in the NBA. In the year 2006, Reggie Miller retired from the Pacers and became an NBA commentator for TNT.

In this article, we will be knowing in detail about Reggie Miller family biography.

Reggie Miller Parents

The former NBA player, Reggie Miller parents are Carrie Miller and Saul Miller. The demise of his father has left everyone deeply saddened and mourned. On August 30, 2022, Reggie Miller father, Saul Miller passed away.

Reggie Miller Father:

Saul Miller

Reggie has announced the news of the death of his father, Saul Miller via Instagram post sharing a picture of them holding hands. Reggie Miller father, Saul Miller was an All-American and jazz musician.

However, it is not known when Reggie Miller dad was born. There are a few pieces of information that we have been able to gather. Saul Miller was born in Memphis and he grew up with his siblings in the same place.

reggie miller with his father and daughter
Reggie Miller with his father Saul Miller along with his daughter Lennox Miller together in a picture
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Moreover, his father, Saul was among the eight children. In addition, it is also known that Reggie Miller’s trash talk has been developed from his father, Saul. While they used to play their games of H-O-R-S-E on their backyard court in Riverside, California.

Reggie Miller father, Saul Miller has spent 25 years as a chief master sergeant in the Air Force. He was also a chairman of the church of the deacons. Reggie Miller father, Saul Miller used to play saxophone as if he was a jazz musician.

Reggie Miller Mother:

Carrie Miller

Reggie Miller mother is Carrie Miller. Not much information is available regarding his mother in the media attention.

The beautiful mother, Carrie was popularly known as the wife of jazz musician, Saul Miller. Mrs. Carrie became the mother of five children.

Moreover, Saul Miller wife, Carrie stated her husband as a handsome thing to the Los Angeles Times in the year 1991.

Reggie Miller Siblings

Reggie Miller Brother :

Saul Miller Jr.

Saul Miller Jr. is the eldest brother of Reggie Miller. His parents conceived the elder son in the family in the year 1957.

In regard to his personal life, there is no authentic information available. Speaking about his professional career, Saul Miller Jr. has followed the path steps of his father, Saul Miller Sr.

Apart from sports, Reggie Miller brother, Saul Miller Jr. has pursued a career in music. He also took up the saxophone same like his father. Reggie’s brother, Saul also joined Air Force in the year 1984.

It didn’t stop him to continue his passion for playing saxophone. According to some sources, we came to know that Saul Miller Jr. walked down the aisle with Glenda. It is still unclear whether he is married or not yet.

Reggie Miller Brother:

Darrell Miller

Darrell Miller is the second elder brother of Reggie Miller. On February 26, 1958, Darrell Miller was born in Washington, D.C. He was born to Saul and Carrie Miller in the year 1958.

Darrell Miller is an American former professional baseball player. Darrell was positioned as a catcher and outfielder from 1985 to 1988 for the Los Angeles Angels.

reggie miller sister cheryl miller age
Cheryl Miller is 59 years old
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As of now, Darrell Miller age is 65 years old. Apart from this, Darrell Miller height is 6 feet 2 inches and weighs around 90 kg.

In addition, Reggie Miller brother, Darrell Miller is known to be the first African American ordained in the Diocese of Orange. In recent, Darrell is working as a director of the MLB Urban Youth Academy since 2021.

The former baseball player has tied the knot with his beloved partner. The family man, Darrell Miller married Kelly Miller. Kelly and Darrell share three children together.

Darrell Miller children name is Darrell Miller Jr., Nicole Miller, and Cameron Miller. Darrell Miller wife, Kelly, and her husband have been together for more than three decades. As of 2023, Darrell Miller net worth is $5 million. 

Reggie Miller Sister:

Cheryl Miller

Reggie Miller sister is Cheryl Miller. On January 3, 1964, Cheryl was born in Riverside, California, United States. Cheryl Miller full name is Cheryl D. Miller.

Cheryl Miller is an American former basketball player. She is widely renowned as the sister of the retired NBA Star and fellow Hall of Famer, Reggie Miller. Cheryl Miller was the first woman to dunk in the organized play.

Previously, Cheryl has worked as a sideline reporter for NBA Games on TNT Sports. In addition, she also included that Cheryl has been the part as an analyst and reporter for TBS Sports, ABC Sports, and ESPN.

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Moreover, Cheryl Miller height is 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 m. Cheryl weight is 82 kg or 180 lbs. At present, Reggie Miller sister, Cheryl Miller age is 59 years old.

The 59-year-old diva, Cheryl was also general manager and head coach of the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury. She hasn’t mentioned more about her personal life publicly.

Well, Cheryl Miller is living single and she might not have been involved in any relationship yet. Still, many questions have been raised about her sexual orientation whether she is straight, bisexual, or lesbian.

However, Cheryl never gave importance to this type of question and the answer is yet under wraps at the moment. Cheryl Miller kids are also not known. Many of her fans are eager to know about her life partner.

We will be updating if there is any news related to her personal life. As of 2023, Cheryl Miller net worth is $5 million.

Reggie Miller Sister:

Tammy Miller

Tammy Miller is the youngest child in the Miller family. Tammy is also recognized as the youngest sister of an NBA player. As we all know, the youngest kid in the family is showered more love and they are pampered by everyone.

It is believed that Saul Miller and Carrie Miller became the parents of Tammy Miller in the year 1968. Currently, Reggie Miller sister, Tammy Miller age is 55 years old. 

Furthermore, Tammy belongs to an athletic background family. All of her family members are involved in some sports field. So, the youngest member, Tammy pursued her career by playing volleyball at Riverside Poly High School as a middle blocker.

reggie miller son age
Ryker Miller is 10 years old
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Then, she attended Cal State Fullerton College where Tammy earned a degree in the field of Criminal Justice in May 1990. Still, she was continuing her passion for playing volleyball.

Additionally, Tammy also received a volleyball scholarship and became the captain of the team as a senior. We came to know that Tammy Miller has exchanged wedding vows with her life partner.

However, her husband’s name is not clearly mentioned. But, Tammy Miller name is Tammy Miller-Lindsay. Tammy Miller children name is Carolyn Rose Lindsay and Michael J. Lindsay.

It has been assumed that Tammy Miller husband is Horace Lindsay. She keeps sharing the pictures with Horace and two little adorable daughters and sons.

Reggie Miller Wife

Reggie Miller is a divorced man. But, after divorcing his first wife, Marita Stavrou, Reggie is in a relationship with his girlfriend thereafter.

Marita Stavrou is famously known as Reggie Miller ex-wife. Marita and Reggie walked down the aisle on August 29, 1992. However, the couple ended their relationship on April 2, 2001. 

Reggie Miller girlfriend is Laura Laskowski. Laura was born on 29th July 1983, in Indiana. Laura Laskowski parents are Jackie Singleton and Joe Singleton. She has grown up with her half-sister, Lisa Singleton Hoffman. 

The beautiful couple hasn’t shared much about their relationship. It is believed that Laura and Reggie began dating each other in the early 2000s. However, whether they are married or not it’s still not clear.

According to some sources, it has been revealed that Reggie Miller wife is Laura Laskowski. Presently, Reggie Miller wife age is 40 years old. Besides this, Reggie Miller partner, Laura Laskowski height is 5 feet 11 inches or 1.80 m.

Reggie Miller Children

The American former NBA player, Reggie Miller and Laura Laskowski are blessed to be the parents of three children. Reggie Miller children names are Ryker Miller, Lennox Miller, and Jo Miller. 

Ryker Miller is the eldest son of Reggie and Laura. He was born in August 2013. Presently, Reggie Miller son age is 10 years old. Similarly, the couple had their second child as a daughter.

reggie miller with his family
Reggie Miller with his wife Laura Laskowski along with three children Ryker Miller, Lennox Miller, and Jo Miller
Image Source: Instagram

Lennox was born in May 2016. As of now, Reggie Miller daughter age is seven years old. Again in January 2021, Jo Miller was born in California. Currently, Jo Miller age is two years old. 

Reggie Miller Relationship With His Family

The relationship between American sports analyst, Reggie Miller and his family has a great bonding together. Being in a joint family of ten members, all of them have good coordination and mutual understanding.

Furthermore, Reggie Miller belongs to a well-to-do family. All of his family members are related to their profession in the sports field. They have a healthy relationship.

In fact, it has been disclosed that Reggie Miller is very close to his sisters and children. His family is the biggest inspiration. Reggie’s parents are known to be his role model to build a successful career in his life.

FAQ About Reggie Miller Family

Who are in Reggie Miller family?

Reggie Miller family consists of ten members. His family includes Saul Miller, Carrie Miller, Cheryl Miller, Tammy Miller, Saul Miller Jr., Darrell Miller, Laura Laskowski, Ryker Miller (Reggie Miller son), Lennox Miller (Reggie Miller Daughter), and Jo Miller (Reggie Miller Daughter).

Who are Reggie Miller siblings?

Reggie Miller siblings are Saul Miller Jr., Darrell Miller, Cheryl Miller, and Tammy Miller.

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